"Monogamy solves inceldom"

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I can see how feminists increasingly hate the social sciences as they relate to mating.


Even though people shouldn’t be having sex all the time, that’s a big-ass gap.

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It doesn’t solve, but makes our lives a little bit better.

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Looks like women use sex as bait and once things are comfortable they ration it off and use it as a weapon.

Which is probably why chads don’t really commit. Obviously there’s no incentive to when you’re in demand, but also because things start going downhill after the honeymoon/90 day probation. All the more reason I’m glad I’m not attractive enough to have to deal with these nutty broads.


The graph basically looks like a case against the concept of marital rape. But of course, what else did we expect?

Monogamy stabilizes society and allows it to advance. It comes as absolutely no surprise that female nature goes against that which is conducive to healthy, advanced civilizations. If you even begin to start caring about stability and advancement, the very last thing you should be giving a shit about are the desires and demands of females.

It makes you wonder if females had equality from the start… would we still be living in caves running from Mammoths and sabretooths?

Society cannot continue to advance with the majority of the male population becoming herbivores. You can stem the bleeding with UBI, but everything something has to give.

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I don’t see how the word herbivore has anything to do with incel. It just seems like an anti-vegetarian agenda. The only time I’ve heard of any connection is while reading chick-lit, a female romance novel where the author shames all vegetarian males and praises brutish males. After that page I stopped reading the book.

Herbivores don’t hunt their own food, so they’re seen as weak and fragile.

That said, I think vegetarianism is nice and I’ve considered being vegetarian once.

That being said, redpill men (puas) that chase women are somewhat part of the problem. I woudln’t say they are as bad as simps, but they still provide ego validation. I understand that men are horny and need bootycalls, but every woman you flirt with just increases her ego and makes it that much harder for other males. Still not to be compared with simps who actively donate money to girls that don’t want them.

Ideally, no male would ever have to flirt to any girl again, and women would just approach them. But that isn’t going to ever happen since women have no sexual attraction to most men (unless i am granted control of the human dna). But, if males are going to suffer and be lonely, at least women will have to experience that lonliness too. Although most will never experience what its like to feel true lust and infatuation, so the male suffering will always be more. So I would say herbivores have the absolute highground here.