Modern spirituality

this “divine feminine guru” says the F-word 3 times within first minute of this video. Dripping, surging, with Divine feminine energy. I can feel the positive vibes flowing through my veins.

So soothing, did not watch.

Namaste my son, namaste.

praise be to these gurus, mystics and know it alls they are surely the pinnacle of evolved and enlightenment of society. When I need answers and guidance these videos will surely help me onto the proper path.

“my name is cockfrost but you can call me ghetto nun”

bitch cole train has more feminine energy than you do shut yo rachet mouth ho. Shieeet.

Oh lmao, forget the first minute. I couldn’t stand her “divine feminine” within the first 5 seconds.

Second one at least has somewhat of a relaxing voice.

i didnt watch either tbh

the only one i watched was the cole train one lol