bluepill mirage: expecting f0ids to love you.
m0ids go their whole lives fapping to f0ids.
this is a mirage, f0ids will never approach you, f0ids will never love you.

you can go to a grocery store 100 times.
a f0id will never approach you.
you can go to a grocery store 1,000 times.
a f0id will never approach you.
you can go to a grocery store 10,000 times.
a f0id will never approach you.

stop believing in a mirage.
Let me tell you a story. Jane Goodall goes to the zoo, meets a bunch of monkeys. Expects the monkeys to type out a great novel to impress her. Waits 20 years for the monkeys to type out a novel. Those monkeys are never gonna type out anything not even 1 page.

it as unlikely and unnatural for a monkey to type out a 500 page novel as it is for a f0id to fall in love with a m0id naturally.

m0ids are acting like Jane Goodall and believing miragepill, and think f0ids will one day love them. f0ids will never love them, f0ids will never approach any m0ids. Expecting anything different is like jumping off a bridge on to the expressway, and expecting god to magically make you fly into the sky before hitting a windshield.

f0ids nowadays act like m0ids. they dont want dick. they dont want you. they speak in a m0id tone of voice and call m0ids predators. U think they want dick? They hate dick. everything about dick fills wombmen with rage.

only chance u have to be approached by f0id is to walk into a bar. then there is a 1:1,000 chance a f0id will ask you for sex without you asking first. So if you go to a bar every day for 3 years you might eventually get laid, but no gaurantee if the f0id is obese or not.

its time for moids to starting doing what m0ids are meant to do. Its time to build. Build robot girlfriends. Build better trans technology and become transbian. Change female dna for them to like dick. it is time for m0ids to have sexual power instead of perpetuating this simp culture of 100 moids telling 1 f0id she is hot on social media.

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you know we’re not a blackpill forum, pls don’t post “women will never love you”, while avoiding word censors

It’s fine, i’ve posted stuff like this before, but this is a more chill forum.