Metaphysics of Clowns:

Metaphysics of the Demiurge (Yahweh):

Yahweh created this world (Matrix, computer simulation.) This is a computer world.

Archons are artificial, robotic jellyfish lifeforms which are mind-parasites. They were created by accident in a science experiment many years ago. They are invisible to the naked eye but can be seen using special frequencies.


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I identity as a spiritual pagan where I worship the chaos and trickster gods or goddesses. I absolutely despise Abrahamic religions whether it be Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

With that being said, religious or spiritual Gnosticism is awesome where most religious authorities of all kinds view it as heresy and a belief embraced by heretics.

Gnosticism dare I say it, should be the spiritual, religious, and existential expression of inceldom everywhere. If there ever was an official religion for inceldom Gnosticism would be it.

It literally discusses how a false God [Demiurge] has taken over the world where the current reality or plane of existence is literally this dark God’s created matrix that takes delight in human suffering everywhere.

Gnosticism is black pilled as fuck.

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Gnosticism? Never heard of it explained in that manner. I thought Gnostics was simply the opposite of Agnostic where you are certain a God exists as opposed to being uncertain.

I’ve identified as Deist myself, rejecting the organized religions as being a tool to keep people subdued and unable to become woke.

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Look into Gnostic mysticism. Really interesting stuff. I would probably define myself as a pagan Gnostic.

Also, before Christian Gnosticism there was an early pagan Gnostic manifestation,that is until the Christians wiped them out in persecution for heresy against the church.

Gnosticism is not the same as Agnosticism, totally different.

The final black-pill and form of enlightenment…

In the Platonic, Neopythagorean, Middle Platonic, and Neoplatonic schools of philosophy, the demiurge (/ˈdɛmi.ɜːrdʒ/) is an artisan-like figure responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe. The Gnostics adopted the term “demiurge”. Although a fashioner, the demiurge is not necessarily the same as the creator figure in the monotheistic sense, because the demiurge itself and the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are both considered to be consequences of something else. Depending on the system, they may be considered to be either uncreated and eternal or the product of some other entity.

The word “demiurge” is an English word derived from demiurgus , a Latinised form of the Greek δημιουργός or dēmiurgós . It was originally a common noun meaning “craftsman” or “artisan”, but gradually came to mean “producer”, and eventually “creator”. The philosophical usage and the proper noun derive from Plato’s Timaeus , written c. 360 BC, where the demiurge is presented as the creator of the universe. The demiurge is also described as a creator in the Platonic (c. 310–90 BC) and Middle Platonic (c. 90 BC – AD 300) philosophical traditions. In the various branches of the Neoplatonic school (third century onwards), the demiurge is the fashioner of the real, perceptible world after the model of the Ideas, but (in most Neoplatonic systems) is still not itself “the One”. In the arch-dualist ideology of the various Gnostic systems, the material universe is evil, while the non-material world is good. According to some strains of Gnosticism, the demiurge is malevolent, as it is linked to the material world. In others, including the teaching of Valentinus, the demiurge is simply ignorant or misguided.

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In Gnosticism, the material universe is seen as evil, and the Demiurge is the creator of this evil world, either out of ignorance or by evil design.

Alternative Gnostic names for the Demiurge include Yaldabaoth , Yao or Iao , Ialdabaoth and several other variants. The Gnostics often identified the Demiurge with the Hebrew God Yahweh. Christian opposition to this doctrine was one factor in the decision of the Church to include the Hebrew scriptures of the “Old Testament” in the Christian Bible.

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