Message to all richcels

I’m looking at you maidana and Restart80.

Donate 500,000 bux to yang please so we can have a greater society. Yang is the only hope to save society.

dauck is yang

yang is the savior of society.

Global economy is going to collapse at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. This time it’s really fucking over. The dollar or USD will die and it will be economic chaos worldwide.

The United States will internally implode into chaos overnight.

I really hope to live long enough to see f-oids, thots, and cool wine aunts starving homeless penniless on the streets giving men blow jobs performing fellatio in back alley ways for scraps of food. It would be poetic justice and retribution for the bottom lower sixty to seventy percent of men everywhere having endured sixty five plus years of radical feminism worldwide.

I’ve studied international market economics going on fifteen years now, everything I say in this post will come to pass.

If usd will collapse then what currency should we invest in then?

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When this global economic collapse occurs it will wipe out all national currencies worldwide.

No national currency [ including the dollar] will be safe basically.

Then the globalists will swoop in calling for a worldwide digital electronic currency [something like Bitcoin] but only after the global population has been culled enough concerning global population reduction. Ideally they want to cull about five billion people worldwide.

Afterwards they will try to initiate a borderless one world government and if they succeed all of humanity will be properly or royally fucked. Sounds great, right? That’s the future we’re being lead to right now.

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lol how are they gonna cull 5 billion people?

Also what digital currency will it be? Bitcoin is too slow and not eco friendly, and there are better crypto currencies.

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Well there is always something like that Coronavirus in China for instance.

It will be something like Bitcoin that a newly instituted global body can control or manage.

The whole point of bitcoin is a decentralized platform that big banking cannot regulate. People who buy Tether and Ripple are ultra cucks.

The Coronavirus has a very low fatality rate so far.

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Could have a 100% mortality rate for all we know going the second week here. China has four major cities currently under quarantine and lockdown.

Bitcoin safe, deregulated, and not under the control of governments everywhere?


there are more private, more secure coins if that’s what you are looking for.

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Bitcoin is the largest and most international, it’s also 100% hackable and being able to be controlled by governments everywhere.

lol it aint hackable the only time someone hacked bitcoin is by hacking the exchange market which was not secured to the fullest. Bitcoin itself has never been hacked as far as i know.

And you dont require bank approval to have bitcoin, yes in order to buy bitcoin online you need bank approval. But IRL all you have to do is find someone trustworthy who has bitcoin, and give them cash money lol, tell them your wallet address and viola you have bitcoin without needing bank approval

and there are more secure and better/faster coins than bitcoin as well

Bitcoin hasn’t been hacked yet and probably never will. But it has its problems as dva said. The nice thing about Bitcoin is that it brought cryptocurrency and blockchains to mainstream attention and thus many computer scientists and hackers started working on these matters. State-of-the-art blockchains today are much safer and faster than they were ten years ago thanks to Bitcoin.


What makes you think I’m a richcel?

u said u used to have 100k income

That’s some other dude who got banned from here.

You all hated him but I miss him. Funny guy.

Dude each coin is different. Ethereum is outdated technology and there are people working very hard on making better coins that are much more secure. They did not hack Bitcoin they hacked Bitcoin Gold which is not the same technology as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is very secure technology but takes too much processing power so we are looking into better coins.