Mentalcel trying to write book


A combination of research chemicals and prescription medication caused me to have a tic-disorder where I yelled random stuff (“shut up”, “I am going to kill myself”, etc.) for about the last year. I am somewhat attractive but this disorder made dating basically impossible. In addition I deal with a number of mental health issues ranging from bipolar to schizophrenic type delusions. Anxiety has also made dating difficult. I used to make good money but quit because I was becoming very bulimic and found it necessary to take a break.

I started a nonprofit (501c3 public charity for education and research) but that hasn’t been going so well. I am pivoting to writing a book about online communities. Part of this book is trying to understand the individuals that make up various online communities. The title of the book is currently “Pills from the Internet”. I started yesterday.

I am generally interested in charitable giving. I would like all proceeds of this book to charity. This is to be accomplished either through partnering with a publisher and structuring the book as such or by self-publishing through my nonprofit.

The book is to be collaboratively developed on GitHub. The idea is still pretty fresh and I think there are a lot of directions one could go with it. What do you think?

Are you asking for help on the github thing?

Sounds interesting but I would rename it.

Also, this forum is not pill-biased. Except we are anti-blackpi ll.

The whole pill thing is just an astroturf thing by tradcons

what is this “we” thing? Please don’t speak for all of us as a hive-mind.

Best pill=glitter pill. But black-pill is better than red and blue.

I’m not as much asking for help as I am seeing if anybody is interested in helping, which is maybe the same thing.

I want to get to know people from the internet, both for research and for my own sense of social wellbeing.

I am looking for all sorts of individuals, even the “no pill” pill. The name of the book is just because that is part of the online vocabulary.

Rainbow poop glitter pills?

Dont know what that is, but probably no.

Only thing I could find online about glitter pills. The heck is the glitter pill?

I am writing chick lit. Maybe we can cooperate. I read your drafts and you read mine

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Red pill is the best pill by far.

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i dont like being called “he” and there are a lot of people into the pill they just don’t know it yet. Enlightenment doesn’t always come easy.

Yeah that’s true. I live in South America so it’s easy to find latinas with good genetics. My skin is white but I’m not some kind of white supremacist or something.

Gonna call you elx from now on.

That’s a good point.

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