Me but over 18 and with camgirls

I have spent like 8k on camgirls, does that make me pathetic?


same but with men

yes it is pathetic

Give yourself a limit of $300 a year for camgirls

Once bankrupted myself on this shit…

Camming is honest work

That’s basically nothing, might as well quit it then

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Ahahahaha, what the hell

wow, that escalated quickly…

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I did it once but it was with a guy. It wasn’t really worth the two seconds of fame.

how much did you spend? lol

good you quit the habit early

â– â– â– â– â–  living life on tutorial mode thanks to you

if that makes you feel good, bad whatever

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I never understood the idea of giving money to streamers. I seriously hope it’s not a generational thing…

Luckily I’ve never actually watched a Twitch stream in my life.

I mean like… dudes stream and do fuck all too, whatcha on about mate?

Just lol if you think dudes make anyway near as much as women. Woman can literally sell her shit and bath water.

Low IQ detected tbh

But all the top streamers are dudes… So even playing field dud…

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Top in popularity? Or top in $, if the latter I think you’ll find the top streamers (including cam bitches) are all female.

Again shit/bath water, I noticed you failed to acknowledge this point.

I don’t understand the appeal of streaming or camming. If I want to consume media I will download a movie or read a book.