Maybe if I went to a big lefty school I woulda gotten laid

All these incel forums are chock full of lifelong male righties in lefty areas complaining of people avoiding them. Guys like BrendioEEE are the epitome of this. It’s not really surprising.

My problem was the opposite. Thing is I grew up in some of the most tradcon, righty, wealthy schools in the entire world. My class was just a bunch of ancaps and conservatives and paleoconservative traditionalist narcissists who hated me for my politics and demeanor and eventually got girlfriends. Not like absurdist Trumpian populists, like just boilerplate conservatives.

My college was less conservative but was not at all lefty. The most popular college group was an ancap group and there was a white nationalist group etc but no lefty groups at all.

Personality matters a lot outside of dating, and your politics have an influence on you.

The one Republican woman I had success with had Republican views broadly, but was probably a result of the Trumpian wing making some Republicans more populist, and populism is kind of a bridge to the left.

True. Politics are a big factor. However there are still alot of lefty incels too so im not sure its all the difference. I guess it also depends on alot of other things too.

not self-identified on the internet lol

reason this forum has so many was this forum was gonna just be a safe haven for lefty incels but there weren’t enough so we just made it all inclusive

Ive seen some socialism debates on other forums lol. And there are socialists.

maybe cuz the other .net was lefty for a long time

changed almost immediately after they became a place for .co refugees, we just ban most of the .co refugees or they don’t like being here (not for political reasons, they just tend to break the rules or dislike the rules)

(There’s also right-wing socialists btw)

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Why do you make everything about politics man? Sexual attraction has nothing to do with what political or philosophical positions you hold. A neo nazi chad will get sex from the most fanatical antifa supporter. It’s all biology and genes and hormones. You’re most likely autistic/mentalcel which no women find attractive no matter what political leaning they are.

most of the society & culture section is zero_sum

I just think that female sexuality is inherently flexible (by culture) and thus that makes politics the most important thing for incels.

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btw .co is equally political, but it comes from the users instead of the admins

they won’t even tolerate leftist thought on there and will rally to get people banned for expressing such thoughts lol

yeah they went down hill. They took in too many refugees and now original users are literally asking to be banned because its turning into another co or mixed with too much shit posting. They also cant get along with each other and stab other incels in the back and now just calling each other names and cucks all the time.

once I filtered out abused words here, the .co refugees found all their posts were just censored and basically left here

beta ■■■■ pussy ■■■■■■■■■ faggot ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■

and that’s why men must always be the providers and protectors and soyboys suck

-t. user

yeah I can foresee that forum splitting pretty soon

I know this feel. But it’s different. I live in a liberal “paradise”. Still better than conservative but my issue was that my parents are christian fundamentalist. I’ve since shunned all of their views but being a conservative while wearing “momma dressed you” church clothes and having helicopter parents in hs sealed me from ever getting a date.

I spend quite a bit of time in lefty circles online. Nazis are considered unfuckable, and ugly comrades are looked on more charitably than not.

I was banned by knajjd for being too gay lmao.


I believe that is true, that females will actively avoid males that display political beliefs that defy the mainstream regardless of the other attributes of the male.

This does not, however, indicate any kind of objective moral superiority on the part of females. All else being equal, if it was the other way around and Commies were shunned like “Nazis” were, then females would be accepting of “Nazis” but not Commies. They are and have ALWAYS BEEN blindly loyal to the mainstream regardless of what that entails.

Leftists are extremely fascist and totalitarian and have no real moral high ground.

The holocaust was morally wrong, it was a form of labor slavery and many died during the holocaust. But leftist Stalin communists killed at least 20 million people.

Right-wingers are not good but lets not pretend that leftists are good people.

I have been romantically rejected by many leftists for simply things out of control such as my age (I was younger than them for instance and they were a few years older, they were about 40 and I was about 25.) So being younger and healthier than them was why they rejected me. Very fascist and bigoted if you ask me. Leftists will also reject you if you are high IQ autist, or poorcel that doesn’t go to clubs and get drunk every weekend.

Another leftist rejected me for being pro 2nd amendment rights.

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The real fascism is the friends we haven’t made along the way