Matt you are not bad looking lol



They picked a good person from our forum. He is an incel but he showed that incels can be more than just spergy women haters.


Jesus CHRIST you are hot Matt

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jfl the knajjd posts are in the doc

Is this that dude from that documentary?


The dude with the ponytail?

That is Matt yea

I find it odd that they would refer to this place for their documentary, and not a community that tows the line such as r/braincels or which are both very much more active. I’ve never heard of incelistan until that documentary was posted on reddit.

they did reference

They referenced this place because is two forums, and as a whole is fairly active
And also more people volunteered from here than braincels or

I would absolutely date him or failing that, befriend him if he wasn’t interested in me. He seems like a sweet, nice, interesting fellow and I don’t mind that he’s awkward at all.

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Is Matt on here? I just watched the documentary and felt the calling to reach out to see if I can say hi. Not to be super creepy or anything.

Also, if anyone needs an ear or just wants to talk, I’m here!


He’s an absolute sweetheart and would definitely give him a chance if it weren’t for the distance, would still love to find him somehow though : )

Welcome deanie!

The BBC made him look spiffy! :heart_eyes:

Not into men but if I was I would date him

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jfl he mogs me hard

I want to braid his hair so bad lol

Matt is chad confirmed

Matt is a pathetic ■■■■. He doesn’t get laid because he’s a submissive bitch. I don’t even think he’s straight. Probably a cucktear plant.

Welcome Alienated

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