Matrix code

Matrix code: Analyzation

If a woman says to you, that she doesn’t really understand sex drive or really need sex, well what does that mean? Bluepills accept this as norm and c0pe with it. But what does it really mean, in terms of understanding Matrix code?

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Someone said matrix so I’ll add this.
How to multiply matrix’s. Important if you are adding vectors together.

  • In a n -dimensional space, a point can be represented using ordered pairs/triples
  • A vector can be added to a point to get another point
  • the difference of two points can be taken to get a vector.
  • A vector can be “scaled”, e.g. multiplied by a scalar to increase or decrease its magnitude. If that scalar is negative, then it will be flipped and will be rotated 180 degrees.

But, why should we use matrices for translation and scaling? After all, they are basic addition and multiplication operations on a 2D point. This is because of the associative property of matrix multiplication. You can multiply the matrices of multiple transformations to form one resulting matrix that can be directly applied on a point.

If you work with OpenGL or WebGL, you’re going to work in a 3D vector space; hence, generalizing the previous three transforms into 3D space makes them a lot more useful.

In a nutshell. too much for my brain.

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most programming languages multiply matrixes automatically, so no thought is required

The following is the best explanation (or, the most educative one) that I know.

(In fact, the mathsisfun website is a fucking great resource for learning math. I used it a lot for my Operations Research classes.)

This is enough if you just want to understand how it works. But if you want to actually implement matrix multiplication in a programming language there are other, far more efficient algorithms.