Hi guys. I’m happy to join this new c0ping environment.

I am banned from .co, banned from the larsonsphere. Now I am here, I hope you guys are interested in sexdolls, hentai and fapping because I mainly want to talk about that

there was a transgirl here who wanted to build sex robots. But she abandoned the forums. I noticed transwomen seem to be good as mechanics and engineers.

Are you a Spanish native speaker?

No I am itacel native speaker. I have zero issues understanding written Spanish, but my speaking is bad.

So you haven’t banned me. Nice.

I wanted to know why “c0pe” is a forbidden word. I use this term with a positive meaning, because c0ping is nothing special.

I don’t even know why incels started to use it as a shaming tactic, probably it is a vulgarized psych term that became memetic.

because c0pe is used to troll and we’re

also pedocels are allowed as long as they don’t break the law, Alana included pedocels in people who are incel