Mask during sex

Lol now considered part of safe sex :laughing:

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Yeah they’re called furries.

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This may help trucels.

No mask for your height.

They make some pretty masks now.

tfw no xenomorph gf to prais nurgle with.


In other words, incel, and not relevant to anyone here that is relevant to this forum and inceldom.

not sure I want to know what that is

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No one takes these measures seriously. Maybe everyone is just acting like this virus is bad so they can feel important for once in their miserable normie lives.

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Idk I’m over it already.

The coronavirus is 5x-10x more deadly than flu for those aged under 46.

This is most likely due to it being man made of origin.

Where did you pull this shit from?

I haven’t taken COVID seriously since day one lol.

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As for it being manmade its obvious.

Another stupid website that doesn’t let me access unless I shut off “adblocker.”

I’m not denying its origins. But in any case, they count everything as a COVID death if the person had tested positive for it. Someone dies from heart attack or cancer, but happened to test positive for COVID? It gets counted.

Can you send me a link that says this?

Facebook lol

nurgle is a warhammer 40K reference, basically the god of pestilence, like one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.