Mark Zuckerberg is a hero of humanity and society

zuck is unironically a hero of society and of humanity. Through zuck we now see the dangers of social media and privacy invasion. This gives us fair warning to the future of humanity and to be more cautious when things get more serious, such as the VR age. Now we know in advance the dangers of big tech. Had zuck did nothing to warn us, 99% of humanity would blindly go along with whatever big tech does.

Second thing is, VR and Ready player one is the next step of salvation for humanity, and this is the best thing that could happen to males. Imagine anyone actually choosing to be born male. Being human male is the worst, imagine going outside and going to stores being surrounded by the hottest prime white females with perfect asses and not even getting one ounce of relief. If anything, having more blacks in society is good, because there is nothing worse than being surrounded by the hottest prime white ass and yet going home in frustration. If anything white females should be genetically engineered so there are so many white females that there are no more incels, otherwise… better to have more black females than white females. Perhaps we could transify both black males and white males and some how genetically turn them into white females.

The way I see it, anyone who is born male should be part of a VR culture and tradition, like the males are raised to live in VR land while anyone born female lives in the real world. Only when the male passes the rite of passage, is he allowed to live in the real world and not VR land. The rite of passage is getting laid with enough VR females that they are able to go outside and c0pe with real life land (being bombarded with a steady stream of prime ass).

I also do think there is a danger of VR, which is full upload into the matrix, you do not want full upload to the matrix because you do want some sort of physical agency and not to be at the mercy of random corporporations, corporations tend to be cjuk and want aoc at age 19, forbidding based 15 aoc. white cjuks want 19 aoc and for all beings to be simps that walk around feel sexually frustrated all the time.

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The gubermint should really do something about your porn and hentai addiction.

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yea I’d like to know more about Darth the person and not just the goofy stuff

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I am also genuinely fascinated by her lore, her posts hurt my eyes but I can’t look away

I do not have any such addiction (fap at most once a week) but i do not blame anyone for having a porn addiction due to the current societal sexual state.