Many black incels say

they have an opportunity to speak with the BBC whenever they unzip their pants

Women aren’t very fond of black guys regardless of their schlong. Source: my brother and his friends

“Many black incels say they have an opportunity to speak with the BBC whenever they unzip their pants.”

This makes zero sense to me.

Women love chads with bwc and tyrones with bbc. Anything else is staying in de-nile. Women are ok with normies with normal 6 inch cok. But women geninuely hate small dik males who try to pretend they are alpha chads. If u have small dik then your best hope is to chris crocker max (he has small dik) and find weird females.

Please keep the racist garbage on co and net. Tired of incel forums becoming stormfrontlite. For real


How is saying women like white and black cocks racist? Whiny sjw alert to da max.

Stop being a little bitch

Im hardly a SJW bro.

Im a trump voter.

Kills that right there lol

Also I disagree that white women like black dicks…

Look at the statistics. Widely available online. White women basically like almost race except for Indians, Asians, and blacks.

Not flooding here… just lots of points to make.

I prefer black and hispanic women and I am an Irish traveller… We are non-romani, white gypsies.

I’m Irish too. We’re white gypsies? What? Lol

No you arent.

I am.

Irish travellers are a race apart from the rest of the Irish… In Ireland we are called pikeys, tinkers, gypos. Travellers do a lot of handy work and things like that, trades and crafts. Some families are settled, some are not. My family is settled. Theres a huge community of them here in the USA also.

Funny thing is a large proportion of the people on the more racist sites are ethnic.

Yeah I have been seeing a huge upswing in like the Nationalist shit in Japan, worshiping Hiro Hito, and stuff. Japanese guys talking about killing all of the Indonesians and Filipinos in Japan, etc. Black nationalism is also on the huge upswing. Really all of it disgusts me. We’re all humans. My ideal mate is hispanic or black. I LOVE RACE MIXING.

I remember someone on Youtube saying “I’m not white, but I’m assimilated”. I think part of it is also blaming everything on the Jews. They think they can divert the racism away from them.

Tyrone is a slur and the whole BBC meme only serves to dehumanize black males.

This is to the general topic- I’ve personally found that many ethnicels have a lack of success in dating if they don’t fit in with whatever stereotype was assigned to their race. Despite being very much black (first gen here in America from the Caribbean) I had trouble fitting in because I would wear different clothes and listen to different music than what was expected. People like me are considered novelties, but obviously undesirable. The individual incel struggle is really just a war against social constructivism.

Nazi’s focus was always on Jews, not black people and ethnics. The focus on Jews is not a new trend, it was always like this, long before even Nazi Germany. KKK and Nazis hated each other until recently. Abraham Lincoln would be listed as KKK by modern “woke” standards, he viewed blacks as lesser IQ and wanted to send most of them to Africa.

Tyrone is not a slur, if the word BBC makes you upset I’d recommend growing a backbone and would appreciate it if you’d keep your SJW nonsense to a minimum.

“a derogatory or insulting term applied to particular group of people”

It’s function is -directly- comparable to the term “Shlomo” for Jews or “Pajeet” for Indians. If you don’t see how a stereotypical name can become a pejorative for a certain race or ethnic group then I’d implore you to grow a second brain cell.

How is calling a black an alpha male who gets laid a derogatory term? Its no more derogatory than calling a white person a Chad. This SJW hysteria needs to stop.

The term “Tyrone” operates farther than it’s Incel usage, it functions similarly to the other examples above. I hope you are not trying to convince me that “Tyrone” is even used charitably at all in any lens, if so I’ll just chalk it up to bad faith.

Its no more derogatory than calling a white person a Chad

Do you understand the basic observation of power imbalances? Even in practice this term is used universally to every race and has functioned as a compliment, not like “Tyrone” at all.