Low T, aspergers, sensory processing disorder, or all 3?

Ever since about 4th grade, I have been very chubby. Most of my puberty years I was very chubby, and even when I was like 8 I was kinda chubby. So I have been overweight most of my life. If I really had even a decent amount of testosterone, I think in my puberty years and in high school I would of not been so overweight even though I did eat some fast food on the weekends. My parents raised me basically on steak, bbq chicken with the skin on it, and spaghetti. Now these aren’t really the healthiest foods, but I think if chad ate this diet or a true high T guy he wouldn’t of gained weight. I also have some sort of sensory disorder as normal sensations like my foot being on a chair are really intense, so much so I have to move it if it feels weird. Every time I smoked weed my senses were enhanced so much it felt painful in a way. I’m also 5’9 and have a lot of hair and have broad shoulders but I have broad hips as well and short limbs. Not sure if I have klinesfelters.

My diet from 8-16

Steak, BBQ chicken (Skin on) w/ beans potato salad, spaghetti, tacos w/ spanish rice, weekends went to friends house and ate pizza, chips, lots of soda, fast food.

Breakfast usually had eggs w/ toast or a protein milk shake breakfast

Possibly low T. Though I ate whatever, decent food, but plenty of it, and at 17 years old I remember being 150lbs at around 6 feet in height.

Sensory processing disorder, idk, as I never smoked weed.

What we have in common here is Autism Spectrum Disorder, which I believe pretty much, universally, fucks us all.

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I’m fucking brilliant, I don’t care what they say. Hold my beer.

High Functioning Autistics are superior to normies.

When you are superior in some ways, other things have to give. The things that High Functioning Autistics suck at are only relevant because the inferior normies make it so despite many of those things serving no concrete or rational purpose.

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Too much carbs in your diet, dude.

lot of hair and have broad shoulders

Sounds High T to me. lift maybe so you can become strong fat.