Love and world

Love, eros and romance love, is: Beauty, Trust, and Caring.


BTC should be world currency. A world currency of Love

Yes I am beauty, trust and caring :slight_smile:

Idk if I want to be your currency though

BTC stands for Bitcoin but it is too much of a CPU hog.

Whatever Iā€™m still taking it as a compliment

Bitcoin is just another new world order economic weapon in their arsenal.

You are thinking of banking coins like Ripple. Cryptocurrency as a concept, was made to reduce banking centralization. Bitcoin allows for more anonymous transaction and there are also privacy coins for that purpose. Cryptocurrency is created to help assist in the development of free markets and global trade.

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Bitcoin and digital electronic currency is the ultimate conspiracy of outright global control.

Ultimate conspiracy? Hardly. it allows for a more anonymous currency than traditional fiat. Traditional fiat is totally regulated by the banks. The entire crypto community is in favor of less regulation and there are coins specifically created for that effect (including decentralized currency, increasing free trade.) There are also many megacorporations who would rather have their own corporate currency rather than being obedient to centralized banking authorities. Claiming that it is a conspiracy is outlandish. The coin community is very transparent and the idea is for a global currency (Free market world enterprise) rather than centralized regulated control by governments (or government).

Whether or not the original vision of the coin community is hijacked by tyrannical goverments that force more regulations, only time will tell.

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