Looksmaxxing in South Korea

Hey there! I’m a new user and I would like to ask something.

I am planning to looksmaxx at the end of the year in South Korea. I just feel very insecure, I feel invisible and I feel very fat. After this I’d still have a lot of mental health problems to deal with but this would be a good start.

I’m looking to get the following surgeries:

  • Ulthera laser lifting
  • Accusculpt
  • Undereye fillers
  • Upper bleroplasty (idk how to spell it sorry, english is not my native language)
  • Laser treatment for acne- and chickenpox scars on my face, also for large pores
  • Lipo on my abdomen, sides, back, thighs, possibly my underarms too. With a possible abdominoplasty if needed.
  • Breast lift
  • Areola reduction and repositioning
  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Maybe a rhinoplasty but I’m not sure yet

South Korea seems to be a good option because surgery there isn’t looked down upon, pretty cheap compared to other countries, and the clinics I’ve talked to are all very friendly. Right now I’m looking at a price between $10.000 and $20.000 which I do have saved.

I am not planning to do this all at once, I want to do either my face or my body first, which I will decide upon consultation. Then I will wait until everything is healed, and do the other part.

How does this sound to you all? Do you have any looksmaxx plans?

Also, if you need suggestions on good clinics in South Korea, let me know, I would love to help everyone (men too!) here looksmaxx as much as possible.

Much love to you all.

That seems a ton of things to do.

Are you sure you need all that? Being in shape is usually sufficient to be considered at least 6 in decile scale, and you can achieve that with some months of exercises and a healthy diet.

Yes, I have gynecomastia and I’m going to correct this with a plastic surgery. Besides this I need to lose weight. Not as fancy as your plan :stuck_out_tongue:

We already have it, actually. @Love

I know. I suffer from extreme body dysmorphia and so far, all psychological treatment has failed, so this seems like my last option. I have already lost a lot of weight (25 pounds in the course of 3 months) but I really don’t see much difference, other from hanging skin, saggy boobs and lots of stretch marks everywhere.

For every surgery I am going for the least invasive option, and mostly my own bodily materials- so if I decide to do a rhinoplasty, I will use my own cartilage, if my breasts need more volume I will use my own fat, and so on.

I was bullied for my appearance a LOT during my youth, I’m now a NEET because I’m disabled and too mentally ill to leave my bedroom most of the time. I have no friends, no social circle, most of my family members don’t like me either. And what makes it worse is that I have a very attractive younger sister who is skinny, has perfect skin, no disabilities and no mental illnesses.

I even tried killing myself last summer by running into traffic, but somehow I survived. I don’t know exactly what happened because it was during a psychotic episode I had but yeah. I feel like if I don’t looksmaxx now while I’m still relatively young (I’m in my early 20’s rn), I will never have a satisfying life. It’s not even about getting a relationship or whatever, this is for ME. This will be my own gift to myself. I’m just so tired of being perceived as ugly, I’m tired of being laughed at and shunned in public and I just want to feel good about myself for once. I want to be noticed by people. I don’t want to be invisible anymore. So, looksmaxx it is.

That is quite a bit of surgery. I would suggest re thinking your time line though since since korea is kinda being hit hard with covid right now. Its likely to last a while and I wouldnt be traveling so soon after a crisis but thats me. I have plans for surgery too but I’m staying in my own country. I dont trust other peoples health care systems to do it. For body surgeries you have to be at your ideal weight. Lipo is not a weight loss surgery its for target areas that dont disappear with exercise and diet. If your not close to your target you wont get great results. The thing with using your own body fat is that it is unpredictable. I would be careful with using natural fat for breast enlargement because if you gain weight in the future your going to have more fat cell in the breast tissue and thats where you will gain weight. Might be fine for small weight gain but a large weight gain is going to mess up the breasts you paid alot of money for. They will have even more stretch marks and sag more than before. So if you use natural fat you need to be careful not to gain future weight. Another thing to consider is if you want to have kids in the future. Pregnancy will change your body especially breasts and stomach. If you want to breast feed than you should really research the surgery you want and the doctor. Depending on how they make the incisions and the surgery being done sometimes the milk ducts can be still intact. But thats things to think about.

I’m at my goal weight rn (around 125 lbs, I’m like 5’2" so go figure) and I’ve been stable for about half a year now, but there’s fat and excess skin on the target areas for lipo. It makes me feel horrible and I break down crying whenever I look into the mirror… while I had hoped that weight loss would increase my confidence it just made things worse. At the moment I have no wishes to have children because I don’t want them to inherit my bad traits, also in my current mental state my psychiatrist literally forbade me to conceive a child. I don’t want them to live the hell I have to go through every day, as they have a high chance of inheriting my bad looks and also my sensitivity to mental illnesses. Plus I carry a gene that increases my chance for breast cancer by about 50% soooooo yeah. I do not want breast enlargement (I have abnormally big breasts actually which are horrible) so the only thing I really want is a lift and a bit more volume at the top of my breast to make them look less saggy. Also, I have family members who did reduction surgery and had massive scars and loads of health problems so that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

As for my plan to go to SK, I am planning either end of this year or early next year. The clinic I’m going with gave me the option to pay a deposit, I have until the end of april to decide and if covid is still prevalent around the time I would be coming, I could either get my deposit refunded or reschedule my date for free.

Hmmm yeah I feel you on the large boob thing. I want a lift and volume too. But the surgeon I saw advised me to do it after I had all the kids I wanted.