Looking for people to understand

This is my first post on an incel forum so sorry if it sounds weird. I am a 18 year old virgin who is never been in a relationship or even a date and my only attempts to ask boys out have always ended with rejection which comes as no surprise due to my towering height at 5 foot 11 , unattractive haggard face, huge eastern european nose and freakishly small mouth and the fact that i have no real talents except for writing which i am mediocre at best.I get depressed whenever i go out in public due to the fact that i see how attractive small, cute and petite other girls are and how giant awkward haggard and lanky i look so now i only really leave my house when its absolutely necessary which my mom seems to view me as a some kind of freak for doing so and constantly tells me that going out will make me less depressed and that its unhealthy to not go out and gives me after school special Esq advice like you shouldn’t care about what others think and boys will love you for your personality you just need to put your self out there more which is rich considering that my mother was a popular girl stacy when she was my age and the friends i have are all gaming related so i could never discuss something this personal to them and if i did they probably wouldn’t understand anyway.I’m not looking to have anyone feel bad for me i just want to know if there are people that are in a similar situation .

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ok well that is not the age you put in your Reddit so

sounds like a troll post

If that is actually your situation, we feel bad for you and that sucks.

@tables ban this person, it’s not their real age

Maybe just give them a shot for a few days

William if you give me ban powers I will exercise them

banning her for false age

Like I said, again, just give them a few days

there’s been a lot of trolls lately because everones been cranky from coronavirus but your troll meter is tuned up too high

I recognize that avi from an incel forum, it’s a troll, I’m banning

this is why we moved to discord

some people prefer the public site to the discord though

this site is fine, but there really aren’t that many genuine people out there, might as well just turn off registrations forever

I should get a job as a private detective, I’m really good at this

Tinder is your antidote.


Lol how do you know it’s a troll?

trust me I know, I have a sixth sense for trolls

I would become a PI, but some things are just too horrifying to investigate

a sick evil world

do you dom other people too?

asking for a friend

I’m trying to get better at that. I just want to believe everyone and see good in everyone. But I know people just take advantage of that.

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Last time you all negged someone like this you let him stay on for a month and then banned him right when he felt accepted.