Literally Autistic

I think a disproportionate number of incels are on the Autism spectrum. There are online tests that are relatively accurate (obviously not 100% accurate).

I also think people with dysfunctional childhoods develop autistic traits (although not actually autistic) which hurt them in dating.

For some reason, the ‘Aspie the Alligator’ memes were really hard to find (there used to be tons of them on the meme sites).

It’s hard finding good autism memes. IdK what happened to all the Aspie the Alligator memes. They were so good and now they’re gone.

Autism Spectrum is arguably not even a deficiency. Someone with high-functioning Autism is superior in many ways to a neurotypical. Literally the only reason they would be considered deficient is because neurotypicals are a majority and society runs according to them, even if there are objectively better ways to run society that suits ASDs better (e.g. more rationality).

I’ve been listening to Naama Kate’s incel podcast and she’s interviewing a sperg cel:

We need rational Autism in society.

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