Lifefuel: College Exams

After this week I am officially an average B student, not too bad for being the only person from my family having attended college.

Sure, the world is on the verge of a global pandemic, economic collapse, world war, social political upheaval, chaos, anarchy, and looming interplanetary threats but god-damn it I will die knowing even under this excruciating poverty where I exist currently that I was an overall B student in college which nobody can take away from me.

It’s funny, the moment I am finally achieving social economic mobility in trying to improve my life the entire world is going to shit and hell in a handbasket. Typical, just my luck I guess or lack thereof.

I truly am a cursed individual where only bad luck, missed-opportunity, and hardship keeps me company.

I have to hustle and finish a paper

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What kind of project are you working on?

your family got rich without going to college? I remember in another post you said your family is rich but won’t pay you a penny whilst you rot in extreme poverty.

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My grandparents were alive from the 1920s to the early 2000s.

My family inherited a small fortune from them passing where me and my mother didn’t receive even a single dime from any of that.

They got a sailboat, two city estates, fifty acres of land, a cabin, a ranch, and a private lake. Me and my mother however were always considered the poor expendable portion of the family to be looked down upon getting nothing in return. When I talk to that portion of the family from time to time they have a bunch of money invested in the stock market or huge hedge funds making monthly annual premium returns. Meanwhile me after being homeless for ten years I live in a ghetto run down apartment complex. Born on the wrong side of the family I guess…


Best practices for cultural healing

Can you not challenge the estate?

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Your deadline is today.

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I know…


Too little too late, I sometimes wonder if they cheated me out of a lot of money, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

I know a few of them have already blown through all of it already.

This happened when I was a naive young eighteen year old still wet behind the ears where at the time the evils or perils of this world was practically unknown to me still. A young sort of naive innocence of the world on my part which is why they probably got away with it if they did. My mother wasn’t of the right mental state of mind either in her last years before passing which is probably why she didn’t put up much of a fuss about it either.

Such is the world we live in where almost everybody is trying to stab each other in the back over a quick buck, it’s utterly disgusting really.


Yeah I know the feeling. Life’s not all about money which is what I’m telling people now who are fighting over wills and stabbing each other in the back over money when it’s ripping apart a family. A small amount of money that can’t actually buy much isn’t worth loosing a family over.

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Most of the world these days is very apathetic as the modern world consists primarily of worshipping a golden calf. Greed is the modern God of our day and decay.


people are greedy because of two reasons, jobs suck and hypergamy.

The job market is overly competitive and also the jobs themselves suck. Then theres hypergamy and american materialism about having to prove your worth with money.