Life was pointless, IS pointless, and always will be pointless

Life as an incel really exposes the banality and boredom of existence. Especially as a male biological organism, you realize your existence is absolutely pointless, and if you aren’t good looking, high status, or dominant, you simply aren’t wanted NOR needed anywhere because theres always a 100,000 horny penises ready to replace you. Its a race to the bottom, a zero sum existence as a male organism.

You see that religion is pointless and would be horrible if real, imagine spending eternity in heaven with all these fucking retarded asshole apes that are in your life? Sounds like hell to me.

Why get a job? if you somehow manage to get a job, you make one mistake or don’t bow to the managers every whim and exploitation you will be back to being unemployed.

Why get in shape? If women didn’t want to be with you while you were out of shape, all this proves is if you get in shape and get into an injury or gain weight because of stress you’re back to being a lonely unwanted loser.


Real demotivational buzzkill here @ThatsLife

For many Incels the only thing standing between them and oblivion is video games. And it’s a pretty flimsy barrier given it has to withstand for decades.


Hmm, this has inspired to make a thread. I’ll call it ‘No reason why any man in 2020 can’t live 3+/10 life’.

And here it is:


Life only feels pointless and nihilistic if you happen to be born male.

If you happen to be born female, life is an endless bundle of joy and a rollercoaster of wonder, innovation, and self-improvement. Except for the multitude of females who have to deal with the dysfunction of the world.

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Yes and sadly games seem to be getting only worse not better.

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Games are being destroyed through a combination of noncels flooding/expanding playerbases and the buying out of games from their true creators to businessmen whose decisions are solely governed by maximizing profits. They feed off of each other.

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