Life fuel for fatcels

So went to the store today. Was no food on the shelf as usual. But th e bagger girl was awfully friendly towards me, actually looking me in the eye and smiling which never usually happens. There’s an evopsych explanation which says fat men are sexually attractive to women in times of food scarcity. And in times of food abundance lean muscular men are sexually attractive to women.

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How did you handle it? Did you got her number or something?

Ask her if she wants to have dinner at yours then?

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I didn’t ask her out of anything. I mean she smiled and asked if we wanted to buy a reusable bag since the grocery store plastic ones were all go ne. So I said yes and then she said have a good day when we left. Usually female baggers never look at me or say anything.

Hard to tell. Next time you could try to ask her how her day is, ect

She’s so into you

I tell everyone to have a good day though…are you saying I’m sending mixed signals?

I was with my mom. It feels too embarrassing to ever ask out some one in front of my mom. Doubt she would say yes with my mom buying the groceries.

Uh you’re right, that’s a problem. Better do it alone.

No, I’m just trying to motivate our friend.

Don’t think so. Was probably being courteous. But it was more friendly than usual because I usually have wo men not look at me or say anything.

Well one of my co workers is in his 30’s and lives with his mom and when he told me at the time I did too but he was like nahhhh I tell girls “my mom lives with me ;)” you can try that. Then you seem caring and compassionate.

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Seriously now: Yes she was being nice, but you can still use it to talk to her a bit more, perhaps even make friends with her.

I don’t want to be friends with a woman right now.

hummm got it. Can you explain why?

I mean a guy can say stuff like that if he’s 6’5 but not some 5’9 guy like me.

Well no woman would want to be friends with me, but that girl probably just wanted extra canned food or water. Not sure I don’t know why she was polite with me.

No offense but I don’t know why you try to say wo men want caring and compassionate guys. If women wanted that the world would look like a lot different. I don’t consider a guy who only takes care of his intermediate family caring and compassionate yet is a landlord who denied people housing who end up homeless and then die of tuberculosis.


True I would agree with you. There’s much involved in being kind and compassionate. I wish more people were kind and compassionate.