Liberal conspiracy theories and alarmism

the Trump-wing Republican Party pumps out like a new conspiracy theory a month and lie constantly, including Trump. But now liberals are starting to do it as well. They seem to come out slower, but so far the conspiracy theories and unmeasured alarmism from liberal outlets include:

  • Russia directly elected Trump (they didn’t)
  • Incels are a movement (it’s not)
  • Incels are a threat to society (they aren’t)
  • The Joker Movie was dangerous (it wasn’t)
  • Trump is escalating the NK situation dangerously (he’s not)
  • Trump is trying to become a dictator (he has been less heavy handed in practice than many Democratic Presidents, he’s basically a liberal)
  • Epstein was murdered (this one is bipartisan, although also not true)
  • Women are institutionally disadvantaged by a cabal of powerful men (quite the opposite, men give women almost whatever they want)
  • Global warming will destroy all human life (it won’t)
  • There is a wage gap where women make less than men for the same work (categorically not true)
  • COVID is extremely dangerous (it’s not)

Liberals started retarded conspiracy theories AGES ago dude.

Patriarchy, male privilege? Lmao.

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oh right, gonna add that one

it’s actually always been that way for pretty much every country. politics are like a rabbit ■■■■, the further you get the further it goes.
it’s very main-stream right now, but it’s always been there.

You can say what you want. But dont shit on my global warming idealogy

global warming is a real danger to the planet

gonna add COVID to this list