Lesbian Divinity

Lesbians are the Highest form of Human being. There is a certain divinity and purity that comes from lesbianism, there is no longer the harsh and hairy male. The highest and most holy porns are lesbian porns. The true soul yearns to be lesbian.

Males start to lose their good looks and youth around 19 years old, while females still can look good for much longer. Also, males experience soul-crushing hypergamy, which every male experiences except for Gigachads. Even chads get rejected and have to seduce women. Being a lesbian will give you a much better life than the standard male.

Deep down you wish this was you:

Complaints and Concerns:

Q: "But I was born male? How will lesbians accept me as a male? Won’t a lesbian world make it harder for males?"
A: Valid concern. Statistically speaking though, lesbians get pregnant twice as often as non-lesbians, so you would actually have it easier with lesbians. Also, this idea is far in the future, so it wouldn’t be an issue. The lesbianification would proceed only once the tech for male lesbians exists.

"What about the future of the human race? Wont lesbians cause sterility?"
Studies show that lesbians get pregnant twice as often as non-lesbians so no. And the tech of male lesbians would allow many males to keep their dicks, sex-change is only optional.

But I like being a dude! You only like being a dude because of real men and lesbians. Real men, like Japanese men, make great games. American males generally lack talent or taste. In a world of American lesbians nothing would be lost, men of talent or taste would be called “relic males” and permitted to stay cis if they wish.

Won’t I lose motivation if my testosterone is lower?
Its complicated, but testosterone would be provided as a common drug, for instance on the sunday of the Superbowl you can inject with testosterone to increase the hype of the game. Also last superbowl was subpar anyway so is it really going to decrease quality of life not watching the superbowl.

What about family values?
This would actually increase the family values. Masculinity generally leads to social decay, such as obnoxious music, absent fathers, etc. There would be less ghetto and obnoxious music, and more pleasant, and chill feminine music in society. The family unit would consist of either 2 moms and 1 male lesbian father figure. Or 1 mom and 1 male lesbian father figure, or 2 moms. The overall ratio of society would be 2 females and 1 male. Society would be more friendly, amiable and less hostile due to the less amount of males.

What about toxic women and non feminine lez?
Valid concern and it will be addressed, toxic rude women that ghost or post toxicly online is what I term “impure lesbianism”. Same as 500 lb biker dykes.

What about the hype?
If society is too hedonistic and lazy, and starts too lose too much hype, weed and testosterone can be given to some of the males. This may boost the hype of society. Low talent males it does not matter, since they dont contribute to the hype of society anyway.

Lol this made me giggle

A majority of women age like sour milk, don’t know where you get this idea of women aging better than men from.

From my experience very few women age gracefully where a majority of time when a man marries a woman over several decades she transforms herself into a cow. He finds out that he is married to a cow overtime where he wishes that he could take her out to pasture, but where instead he drinks himself to death.


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Women age slower than men and live longer.

Female aging is due to low amounts of estrogen. Also if a female eats beef she will begin to look like a cow (cow meat masculinizes).

this is a pic of a 70 year old woman:

The lower average male life expectancy can largely be attributed to more outliers in the youngest age group dying due to reckless/risky behaviour.

Although it is true that if you look up Supercentenarians (110+), almost all of them are females.

Stress plays a role in your health, though. The average female lives a much more pleasant life than the average male. In fact, males are expected to sacrifice their own well-being for females, so it’s hardly fair to attribute female longevity to an inherent ability to endure since this is sustained by males.

Generally speaking, females do look as if they age faster. A lot of them like to sun tan, which is foolish since that will just age and damage the skin more quickly. To reiterate, 80-90% of skin ageing has been attributed to sunlight exposure.

One reason male gamers tend to look young for their age is that they have been staying out of the sun for most of their life, even during their childhood.

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the article i posted already addresses the reckless behavoir thing.

the only reason women would age more is due to sun tans or poor diet. Women have happier lives and are more apt to go outside. The sun, while life giving, also causes cancer and aging.

You posted one female, an outlier that looks maybe 60 despite being 70.

On average females do look older than their male counterparts.

Yes females live longer, but outwardly males do seem to age slower. For example, male skin is thicker so facially it makes them look younger and more resistant to skin-related ageing factors such as the sun.

There’s a lot of pictures of couples where the male is like 8 years older, but they look age-matched or the female even looks a bit older.

nope. Males lose neoteny much quicker than females. Males even have double chins. Males will lose neoteny around 19 years old, females will retain neoteny until menopause.

As for wrinklage there are lots of wrinkly old males.

Your belief that females age quicker is only an illusion. The reason the illusion exists is because you don’t find men sexually attractive, so nothing is lost there. Since men look bad to begin with, they seem to stay in the same state to begin with. Whereas you can tell women aging more since they start to look less cute.

If a car is already rusty to begin with, you can’t tell that it has rusted.