Le introduction, AMA


I’m a fucking autist, so my interests are, likewise, autistic:
~>language learning
~>philosophy (mostly theology)

AMA me anything.



Woah I actually have similar interests to you

  1. Native lang?
  2. What other lang do you know?
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what sexual orientation are you?

do you think jason unruhe can team up with richard spencer to take over the world?

do you think jason unruhe is an incel?

do you know how to edit wikis?


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Nativ lang is English, specifically the Australian dialect.

I’m conversational in Esperanto, and I know a small amount of Japanese. But I plan on beginning Arabic (when the Duolingo course comes out), and Russian in a little while. I would very much like to learn Hungarian, Greek, Icelandic, and Mandarin in the future though.



No, I would be surprised, if he were, tbh.

I’m pretty sure I know how to.

I don’t get the Nazbol thing and had to look this up, but I suppose we’re on the same team more or less.

Welcome aboard, fellow Anti Marxist.