Largest Ultra-Violent Feminist Group Gets Banned from the Internet

Found the Incel, the largest online group devoted to screencapping, bullying, and harassing incels just got wiped from the internet by Facebook. It had contained tens of thousands of violent feminists and hundreds if not thousands of violent posts.

In December of 2018 and early 2019, multiple members of the incelosphere raised public concern about posts there and in similar groups promoting violence against incels. Apparently Facebook took notice and banned the group. The second largest anti-incel group: Incels Say the Darndest Things, responded by making a post telling their members not to post violent things, and changing their name to ISTDT.

Incelistan stands against censorship, but understands that there are limits on free speech, including incitement to violence, which is why incelistan has a hard rule against violence speech.

Examples of posts found in the incelphobic groups before the ban wave:
example9 example5 example2 example1 example30

example3 example6 example10 example20 example32 example22 example34 example4 example37 example31 example21 example13 example33 example28 example19 example14 example12


this is a big deal


holy shit what great news to wake up to

congrats on whoever was involved



this is bigger than the r/incels ban


I still dont like to give these cretins any attention.

Theres a reason why even the media didnt want to report on these group, they were too cringey.


Who reported them? William and Nick said they didn’t do it


Yea I didnt report them, but the guy who did was… a big guy lets say
he told me multiple people were involved

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I didn’t report. I thought I had been banned for having an unpopular opinion. I was getting berated in the comments (no one actually addressed or rebutted anything I said) and then all of a sudden the notifications stopped.


in a sense i’m sad because at least found the incel let in some incels (even if it was just berating and harassing them), the ones that are left dont even let in any opposition

But yea guys the guys on found the incel there were extremely out of line

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Look, the anti-incel group ISTDT (previously Incels Say the Darndest Things) just put up these policies in a panic… Good on them, but also what shysters in regards to their past

I mean, they pretty much explicitly state the reason why they don’t condone it is because they don’t want to get shut down.

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Hey look, we got pinned on
Looks like Master used @tables s Youtube vid and flagged a buncha groups.
Good on him. :slight_smile:

I may or may not have emailed approx 15 news outlets (who have already covered incel stuff) about this banning (so far) using contacts I already had from last year.

Lets see who wants to break the news first.

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maybe we can also expose groups like “are men people?” who basically do the same psychotic feminist thing.


Just popped into one group

that is still up for sec
Here is the first thing I saw

I seriously doubt that people who actually get laid, would have the time and energy devoted to maintaining an online discussion group of that nature.