Hey lots of you know me already.
I said I was going to meet someone through my church but I found out very quickly that I was full of shit. Women only care about looks and money thesedays (this was not always true - during the hippie and disco era you could meet women who were into love and all of that mushy bs- not true anymore. IM INTO THAT STILL THOUGH).
Im a hippiecel… Not into violence at all. I hate Elliot rodger, Alek Minnassian, all assholes.
I just bought a real doll and she will be here in 4 months. They need to build her. Cost me 5600 dollars so I guess you can call me a real dollpilled incel.
Im having surgery to remove cancer this month so wish me luck on that.
After that penis implant - for the doll I bought.
Thats it for now boyos take care.

Also I dont hate women I just hate what modern culture has done to young women AND MEN, Its fucked us all up and I give up on everything. Im disabled and actually… Maybe hard to tell from this post… Im excited about chistmas, excited about the doll, excited about a lot of things. I am a happy incel.



Well I do believe it was way easier in the 1960’s to 1990’s. Females are just HORRIBLE now. My dad had it so easy. That’s why all these fucking Boomers shit on young men for being failures with females when in reality it is like we started off playing an entirely different game, one with a much higher difficulty. It’s like getting pissed at someone because they couldn’t beat Dark Souls when your greatest accomplishment is beating Kirby SuperStar. Fucking Boomers.

As for the cancer, good luck. I’d try to avoid chemo and radiation though. Your type of cancer might be rare but there are alternative treatments out there that won’t destroy your immune system and permanently fuck you up to the point you may as well die anyway.

Don’t avoid chemo or radiation if a qualified doctor recommends it. There is too much bullshit “natural” health advice that doesn’t work. Fads and shit. The FDA and placebo controlled double blind clinical trials exist for a reason.


Im really into boomer culture; I have been a hippie since the 90s resurgence right before Jerry Garcia died. I’m kind of a major hippie type of guy.

I don’t get along well with most incels for this among other reasons… Lots are racists too… I’m not “aryan”. I hate that natsoc shit.

Anyway they just dont understand our dating culture. I mean to be fair I had a better shot in the 90s than I do now, also. I just didn’t try because of anxiety problems. THAT WAS MY FAULT… sort of. I guess people could have recognized my mental health issues with anxiety back then and helped me to get treatment.

But 1995-2000 I totally could have gotten dates offline just like the boomers did… I missed my chance. Really online dating fucked us over, this swipe left right bullshit, only 30% of chads get the gross majority of females. Dont harp on boomers so much, when I explained to my parents how BAD it is on online dating, they were way easier on me. They never called me a loser for not having girlfriends and stuff.

Boomers just dont get it. Be jealous of them, be annoyed that they dont understand us, but don’t hate. Just my opinion. Take care boyos

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Not so for me. I was born in 1993 so it was over before it even began.

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yeah I really have nothing in common with millennials.

nothing really in common with even gen x types - it was really only late high school students and college kids into the hippie thing in the 90s and 2000s

if you ever see the movie PCU - which you may like simply because you’re an incel, thus naturally anti-pc… that depicts 90s/2000s hippie culture perfectly. almost all of my friends are boomers and gen xers though — i dont have any friends born in the 90s and honestly wouldnt even know how to relate, as you are well pointing out. i mean the video game console i play every day - and its my only console - was made in the 80s (NES). that might be the only thing we have in common too, video games… cutlure wise… and i am sure you probably hate 8 bit graphics!

no offense on anything by the way dont take this harshly- im sure you are a really cool dude, just for the simple fact of caring one bit about me


hello Landofclowns welcome.
good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes well.

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Not true. I love 8 bit graphics and 8 bit music. My first console was actually an SNES since birth, and a Nintendo 64 came next in Christmas 1998. I also played a lot of 8 bit through Gameboy Colour.

But yes, I don’t have much else in common with hippies or new age 90s hippies because unlike them, I never existed as an adult at a time when the world wasn’t complete shit.

No doubt the 1980s and 1990s were like the last decades of innocence where most people felt like things were alright. Everything seemed better back then, including the video games not being made for idiots. The 2010s have just been a fucking disaster.

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I went to college 15+ years ago. I’m white, six feet tall, and was in decent shape and ok looking. I still had a lot problems. Even at parties where a lot of the girls were drunk, I rarely got more than a make-out and they were all looks-matched or below.

I did get lucky and manage to have a girlfriend and a few hook-ups, but I think I could have very easily remained a virgin despite being white, tall, and average looking.

So yes, maybe things were somewhat easier, but it was still tough even back then.

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Thats really cool that you are willing to rewind to retro. So many arent. SO MANY GREAT GAMES BACK THEN THEN DUDE. As I am sure you are finding out… Its an awesome ■■■■

I’m into mushy BS problem is it’s a hard thing to find these days. Almost non existent.

Lol I remember you from .net you talking some crazy shit, talking you be a Chad and sheeeeit. Why you gonna get your Weiner enlarged it ain’t gonna make no difference to the doll

I remember your sarcastic ass from .net too, you seem super chill here :frowning:


“i rarely got more than a makeout”


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Lol. Well I’m chill everywhere not just here. Lastly my sarcasm is mean to be funny.


“Funny” it’s fucking hilarous. Shame you don’t go back and troll those asshats. Hope you had a nice Christmas and have a great 2020.


Thanks but I’m not trolling

Pitty, they was talking shit about you the other day. Good for you taking the higher ground. How’s your program going?

Yeah I know and water is wet.

NABALT. My boomer parents are extremely cynical, probably because they come from lumpen classes, they know pimping, they know how shit life is truly like.

Stupid boomers are a minority, probably they lived in a strange bubble, you can find them in America. The boomer American guy is a weird type for real.