Laid back thread / June 2020 - week 4

ok here we go

mi estas maidana, kiel vi fartas?

shit, I almost said my real name


I’ll find out one day


is cranky!

it is I the Maidana clone bwah bwah haha

'; drop table users; –



leet haxor

this is why I never made it access the actual users tables, the bot runs its own array based on who logs in and out

which obviously is subpar

but hey

it works

was a PITA to figure out a way to distinguish discourses webhooks on user actions

discourse doesn’t distiguish them at all

like for me to know someone signed in, I just see if the webhook sends a null in the timezone field of the JSON, which is unique to signups

sounds too hacky, are you sure there isn’t a more elegant solution?