Karens from Buffalo are pushing their local government to allow police to accept 'sexual gratuities'

‘several Town of Tonawanda residents are pushing the Town Board to change its policies to allow officers to receive ‘sexual gratuities’ while on duty.’

More sex-as-transactional proof

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based tonawanda town

This is the cancer that plagues human society.
Little but a purge of Epicurean proportions could solve this.

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prudes are the cancer.

What is so bad about cops getting laid?

The more time cops chase skirt the more time the pimps can get away with their drug money.

And…so what?

The war on drugs has only made american citizens worse off.

You claim I’m liberal that’s bitching, so your response is to send me chinese communist propoganda video? lol wtf


it isnt chinese, typo.

still scummy communist propoganda

This is literally promotion of female privilege which will once again be disguised as “objectification” of females all the way through.

Things getting honkier out there.