"Just Take Hormones, Cis"

Feminization turns many males into ultra-woke anti-male feminist SJWs who are sex-negative asexuals. They are not really asexuals because like most feminist, they dress slutty to entice, but then shame males for lusting, which is super-toxic.

If we could have trans that don’t instantly reject males, utopia might be achieved.

men in central Asian countries like Incelistan are frequently fooled by beautiful men pretending to be women

this clearly disproves “patriarchies are non-degenerate”

This is from a non-passing trans woman who received a lot of comments from passing trans women that are similar to the “suggestions” male incels get (dress nice, get a haircut, go to the gym, act confident). I’m not discounting the importance of looksmaxing (for incels and trans women), but it only goes so far.

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Is it mostly genetics then that makes some one pass well?

the trans community is toxic. Most are sjws that get triggered if u post trump memes even as a joke. For instance saying things like “fake news” is off limits, even if u didn’t vote for trump. The estrogen makes them neurotic and hypersensitive to any type of criticism.

Also the idea i head of trans was easy mtfs like traps. Now the word trap is of-flimits too by the word-warriors. And expressing the idea trans should be fuckable instead of pent up sex-negative feminists is taboo to say too. The idea that transwomen are an easier alternative to dating cis females is pretty much a failure.

I can confirm this. The only MTF trans willing to have sex with me were the non-passing ones. When a MTF trans finally passes she automatically becomes extremely picky.

based as can be.

I don’t know what qualifies as ‘passing’ in the LGBTQ community, because I pretty much never see someone pass voice-wise, but I do know that at least for me, MTF people are extremely easy and sometimes often desperate for men. Talking to an MTF vs bio women on dating sites was night and day. The MTF people were easier to talk to, put effort in, etc

Although Im not attracted to MTF, only like some FTM people pre or early transition.

Ive got a phone number from an MTF before. They sounded like a SJW and wanting to boss me around and they seemed like a square so i gave up. They were not easy and seemed really prudish. If MTF on dating sites are very easy then u are a chad. U said u dont want mtf so it seems odd that you would chat them up on dating sites. Doesnt make sense to me.

some of them pass very well visually from a distance, and I’ve messaged 4-5 out of curiosity and desperation over a ten year span. I’ve messaged a lot of everyone in total. Except men, I’ve never messaged a dude.

I’m not a chad as I seem to fit in that 60-90% of men that dating apps only match with like 1-2 people unattractive people a month at most, with about 1 message every 3 months. Which, at least when I was in my early/mid 20s was not enough and those matches would ghost me even if they were horribly ugly.

But as far as bio women I’m more love-shy/mentalcel than anything else nowadays.

Some of my friends know this girl irl:


She’s a MTF transgender. This is what I call passing. She’s hot enough for me to want to date her.

Unfortunately MTF trans in that level of “hotness” won’t date anyone below chadlite category. The only MTF trans that people like you and me could date are the ones too poor to pay for plastic surgeries and good makeup, but these ones are too ugly even for us.

The only MTFs that flirt with me are boomers twice my age that dont pass. The younger ones born after 1994 never flirt.

@tables you said your matches would ghost you. I’ve had this experience in the trans community, getting ghosted by trans. They are no better than cis in fact cis females have more manners than most of the trans of the new generation. I’ve met trans that have manners but they are usually boomers or born before the year 1994. But yes I’ve been treated like shit by boomer trans as well. Most trans only love themselves, people who look the same as them, high tier normies of high status, or chads. I tried to get with this hot dumb trans cunt who rambled about 6’5 chad jocks all day but wouldn’t fuck me. And she ignored all my messages except when I snapped and started insulting her, then all of a sudden she started to respond to me. Utter clown world.

Yea I wouldn’t date her. Of course she looks fine from a distance, but her facial structure is manly, her tits are fake, she looks angry, and she probably has a penis or worse and she probably sounds like a dude

Even with FTMs pre or early transition they give off a more genuine female appearance. Not saying this to make anyone feel bad, it’s just how I personally experience attraction.

Im bicurious and find the idea of cute males hot. So the idea a male would throwaway their masculinity in order to be a hot bimbo s lut for me is a major turn on for me. Unfortunately, most transsexuals born after 1994 are ultra-woke SJWs who would say phrases to me like “noone owes you anything” and ignore all my messages and not give me any affection whatsoever, which is precisely the opposite of what I fantasize a transgirl to be for me.

I had a trans female youtuber be willing to basically be my slave (I didn’t ask for it she offered it). Like she wanted to worship me and do anything I wanted. I had doubts about me actually being “incontrol” because if I told her “no” to her offer I had a feeling she would go crazy and not “respect” me

And that was true, I told her “no” and she then proceeded to tell me she was killing herself to make me feel bad.

In general I find LGBTQ people to be easier to date across the board, because they generally have lower self-valuation than incels (unless they are also incel lol). Partly why I let in LGBTQ people here, not for me, but because it provides a dating opportunity to bio men. And by that I don’t mean men should become gay if they don’t want to be, but dating a FTM pre-transition is just like dating a tomboy. It’s really no different. They are born with a vagina and act like a dude, that’s it.

Kind of have this theory that LGBTQ people are naturally incel allies (despite many of them being indoctrinated into misandry as you mentioned), and the current banning of them on other sides is a major optical and strategical mistake, from the standpoint of helping bio men get dates.

The incel community isn’t known for being logical or strategic, most of them function on emotions first and logic comes second.

As far as this transwoman goes, sounds to me this world is rigged. Transwomen throw themselves at males that don’t want them at all, and reject all the males that love them. Makes me sick with rage.

But the key point here, is there are dark forces rigging us all to be miserable. This is part of my thesis about the masculinization of society…normal healthy males with normal emotions are shunned and rejected until they turn into mentally broken brutes, then all of a sudden women will fuck them, but by then they are already turned into broken brutes.

rage is probably the least healthy emotion. I also have dating difficulties but I try to just accept things.

Rage is one of the healthiest emotions, it is pent up rage that is unhealthy.

maybe ur right