Join by facebook?

Why is this on here?

Facebook is very anti-incel.

Seriously this needs to be removed.

Why in the fuck would you want a site that violates privacy to connect to this website?

Do you want us all to get doxxed or what? REMOVE THAT SHIT

Chill out dude.

That is called Oath2 authentication. It is a link to Facebook for those who want to register and login via Facebook, as many users do not have email. Facebook does not get any info from this site besides login codes from those who voluntarily registered via Facebook (which you did not, you registered via email) Read up on it if you do not understand it.

There is nothing on this server from Google or Facebook, besides login codes from those who signed up via Google or Facebook. Oath2 is simply a link that deals with those codes.

This site is hosted on my server is and is very safe and secure. It’s not like Reddit where a subreddit is just taken down on a whim.

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Ok thanks anything to do with normie sites just sort of freaks me out. I appreciate the explanation though.

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