I've been neglecting my wardrobe for years

Still wearing ripped shirts and tops from 2014. My mum occasionally gives me her old stuff… but I never end up liking it anyway.
I used to use lack of money as an excuse for not buying new clothes… but then again, I have Aliexpress.
Ultimately after some serious soul-searching I think it boils down to the fact that I feel unworthy of wearing anything nice or flattering, since I look like a monster anyway.
Better save every penny for plastic surgery, even if that goal may be at least 5 years away. (Unless I win the lottery or some prize or something.)
At least I’ll still be 31 by then. Maybe after getting surgery I’ll start a makeup / fashion review channel and enjoy what is left of my youth until it fades away… then embrace old age at 40, cut my hair short… become a meditation/yoga cat lady… sign up for cryonics.
That’s the irony of millennial life. We don’t have homeownership to look forward to… but at least we have plastic surgery. So we can at least have strangers on the internet jerking off to us for 10-20 years before we retire into old age.
At least I’ll be inheriting my parent’s house, not that I can see myself being able to ever pay utility bills for it anyway. I’d probably just have to rent it out when the day comes.
Life sucks and then you die… but I guess with cryonics you can at least get a lotto ticket to the future before you die… in hopes that you may at least reincarnate in a time and place that is somewhat better than our present existence, though it could just as well be dystopian and orwellian. Doesn’t hurt to try anyway…

I hear you, I get that. I feel the same way sometimes.

it sounds like you have the rest of your life planned out. and it doesn’t sound that great (to you I mean).
can I give you some fortune cookie advice?
“what happens today is more important than what might happen tomorrow.”

maybe you should go get some nice clothes, just to lift your spirit some. you don’t have to wear them all the time, just make an effort to treat yourself.

Until recently, I was just wearing boxer shorts and old white t-shirts 24/7. OFC I’m disabled and am home all day, but it still was a defeatist attitude.

be thin and wear sweatpants. you will look prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy