It keep geeting worse for males

I have never used tinder recently mainly because when I used it back in high school (2015 ish) all I got were hoes on the app that wanted to fuck. Now most of you would jump at that opportunity and trust me initially I did too but here’s where I drew the line and deleted the app permanently;

This one girl and me decided to fuck the same day we got matched. We had a good time. It was 2 am and we were lying on the bed and this bitch said she had to leave cause she had a date with another guy. I was like wtf lol.

Long story short, just approach girls in real life. Go to a beach. Or just join a gym and get yourself a gym hottie. Tinder isn’t for people with class and self respect. Trust me. You’re more likely to get STDs than a stable relationship outta that repugnant application

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It’s really hard to connect with girks on tinder evenuf you get matches, i do not know what to write to them and they are unwilling to actually engage.

But i live in a small town (40K) maybe i just need to move.

I used to have top tier social skills, hopefully i can get that going again.

Online dating is a scam


Whenever you see a hot girl online or in real life just use this line

“You remind me of someone”

Girl asks “who”

“Of course my future wifey”

Corny but these bitches love to be wifed up cause they’re insecure about themselves. So giving them that vague confirmation through a pickup line would work in your favor. Just try it once.

Have you used that line before? lol

Yeah. Idk how to upload screenshots here but I have used that myriads of times and have had success 90% of the time.

should just upload like any other photo then users can maximzie

I banged the first one and the second one gave me a bj in her car on a hill. Never spoke to them again lol

That is crazy

you need to work on your text game haha

texting game is lame tbh. I’d much rather talk to a girl. At least on the phone

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Good man. That is cutting a lot of BS during dating out.

How did she message 1k people lol???

Less than 3 people/day for a year.

Really don’t know anyone that message that much

I do

When I was 18 I think I sent a message a day and that was the most

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I just let men message me lol

and I do not respond

Can dating sites just like not allow straights to message LGBT ppl.

It is sometimes worth it, some straight people are more or less LGBT but do not realize