Is this the new home for Braincels?

This will do. Please be easy on me.


Are you related to THE cummy?


Im both cummy and his friend

i want to know too. seems way too edgy and elitist(too many alt-rightcels).i enjoyed braincels because it was somewhat progressive and didnt hate lgbt people or jews.


Yup overly hating on lgbt and jews was always massive ■■■■

Braincels was becoming more of an alt-right (or 4chan, whatever) space as the months went on. Basically a lot of r/MDE types.

Also, welcome @antinatalism

No it is not a new home for Braincels, but a place for some Braincels users to move to if they adopt our rules. Which are honestly about the same, the only difference being no excessive demotivational content. And by that I mean no “it’s over”, “just lay down and stop trying to improve things” type posts.

Also we censor 3-4 words which were abused too much on Braincels. Like Braincels we have strong rules against violent content.

I am not going to shittalk .co as its tacky and I have great respect for the admin/mod team there but they are NOT a free-speech place either. I mean they ban all women, LGBT folk, and like this forum, adopt a moderation policy that fits with their particular political worldview.


welcome cummysfriend.
welcome antinatalism.
enjoy incelistan.

welcome @antinatalism

So you’re headmates? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Then what’s up with this emoji?