Is pewdiepie cool?

Apparently, pewdiepie doesn’t hate incels. He reviewed an incel related meme and didn’t badmouth us.

*tradcon/black-culture related meme

Pewdiepie is one of the most unimaginably annoying faggots on the face of this earth.

Also I am pro-simp…

simps unite

the “throw men under the bus” part of simping is annoying and should be done away with.

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His audience are 9 year olds on cocaine and/or sugary foods

although I guess if someone is a gamer they might find his content interesting

I find his videos boring, but he is hated by the cancel-culture movement, and I hate the cancel culture movement. In my opinion he is less boring than Markiplier and most cis males.

Rate of boring (least to most)
Pewdie pie, Markiplier, modern cis males

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simping is bad and u should feel bad for being prosimp.

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Pewdiepie is a dick

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He reminds me of someone doing a bad South Park impression