Is anyone else here because there's no gay dating pool?

I am. Hello there, fellow gay incels. I am an incel because the gay dating pool is less than 5% of people. :frowning:

How do you all ■■■■ with not having a dating pool?


honestly, just by online dating, its the only way ive found potential partners

It is hard though

ditto for online dating, would be handholdless without it

gotta watch out for creeps and sociopaths on it tho, a surprisingly high amount of em on there for some reason

am I the only straight on the whole forum? XD
Who finds these LGBTQ incels?

no, @Nimcel and @Faucon, @frylock13, @tables and others are pretty straight

gotta watch out for creeps and sociopaths on it tho, a surprisingly high amount of em on there for some reason

For that reason, I avoid online dating. Plus there’s lots of catfishers

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Being LGBT makes you more likely to be an incel because less than 10% of people are LGBT

A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as [LGBT] with 5.1% of women identifying as LGBT, compared with 3.9% of men. A different survey in 2016, from the [Williams Institute] estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender. Studies from several nations, including the U.S., conducted at varying time periods, have produced a statistical range of 1.2 percent of the adult population identifying as LGBT.



And psychopaths, sociopaths, and catfishers aside, online dating is still fucking crap. There’s no face to face contact and no physical contact. I can’t get to know someone via words on a screen. Interactions on dating apps and sites feel so vapid and meaningless :frowning:

When you meet at a bar, a party, a club, a concert, or some other social event, there’s a shared experience. There’s something common to discuss. Like, you can talk about and enjoy a musician’s performance together. Or you can laugh at the stand up’s comedian’s jokes together, etc…

Nothing on Tinder but an ocean of bisexual chicks in open relationships.

Tinder is fucking terrible :frowning:

If it werent overrun with straight couples looking for a 3rd, it’d be OK


long phone calls before dates can be helpful

it’s about 2% in UK, that means on average you would have to fill a room full of 100 random ppl before you you’ll get 2 gay guys :cry:

with that statistic, it’s over even before it starts for gay people :frowning:

It’s not so hard to find people online if you know the right places to look.
It’s just that no one wants to date an ugly, boring incel with nothing to offer.

Never giving up

I WILL find a girlfriend

But I feel you, it sucks. End up hitting on straight chicks most of the time…
Why do straight chicks have to be so cute :frowning:

I’ve given up ages ago. I no longer even find women attractive; there’s no point on finding them attractive because no one will ever be able to reciprocate :frowning:

I’ve attempted to surmount my odds by creating a straight female persona who is a total top. It hasn’t worked that well. Most straight guys see a pegging-only marriage as a fate worse than death. For reasons that have more to do with image and social taboos than genuine physical inability to get off from it, btw.

I disagree with this.

If your dating pool is only 5-10% of people, then that means their dating pool is also only 5-10% of people, which includes you among that small number. So it cancels out.