Investing thread

So I’ve been investing for a while.

Trying to make money in various ways.

Like the lottery…

Although the lottery isn’t really a good investment I’ve learned.

So I’m watching and waiting for crypto prices to hit bottom. In the meanttime I am mining about 50 cents worth of crypto a day, and making about $20 a day doing surveys.

When crypto prices hit rock bottom I’ll dump 1k into some microcap crypto and try to get one of those 100x returns.

This is my plan to escape my misery.

Does anyone invest?

brap brap brap

ngl I have like $400 in an unnamed crypto

Amazon Turk?

yea it’s great, that and prolific

gang gang

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what is prolific tbh tbh, a survey site that has the fastest/best pay ime
doesn’t have the most work though -shrug-

good for like food money in combo with other sites

crypto aint hitting rock bottom. if bitcoin was gonna crash it would have crashed with the stock market. the ship has long since sailed., i missed the boat as well

that’s $15 a month, not bad if you aren’t paying for electricity
maybe double whatever you are using to mine?

im thinking about purchasing a dedicated mining pc but not sure if its a waste of money or not

cheapest thing is just to attach some RX580s to an existing computer, doesn’t matter how crappy the computer

though the glory days of mining are over

used to be able to get like $3-5 a day, now you get less than a dollar a day for the same hardware

its a fun little hobby though, I do it too

my computer is good but you have to factor energy efficiency into the equation. From what I hear the mining pcs are engineered to be cost efficient whereas slapping a gfx card to a computer is not

if you pay for electricity you aren’t gonna be making a profit unfortunately, unless maybe you mine monero using new Ryzen CPUs, but it would only be like 5 cents of profit per day

only people making money subracting electricity costs are people with free electricity or the people who make the ASICs in China

Do you have a dedicated mining PC or just using your gaming rig?

Im using an 11 year old (Sandy Bridge) Dell Optiplex that I just started attaching new GPUs to, for the mining

I don’t really game, but whenever I try to game I turn off the miner for a bit and play around

generally just use a laptop all day

the GPU does all the work

… unless you are mining Monero in which case the GPU doesn’t really matter much