Introducing Zero_Sum

Hello my name is Zero_Sum.

I’m not sure how to classify myself here, I haven’t been with a woman in seven years and it is looking increasingly grim going on the next five.

Every forum or website I visit I end up banned because of my impolitically correct viewpoints. Just trying to find an internet hangout where I fit in and can express myself without fear of persecution.

I have an extremely negative outlook towards women where in my mind they’re all opportunistic gold digging ■■■■■■. As a poor low income man that’s about 50% of my problems trying to interact with women right there.

I increasingly find myself embracing sexual market theory regarding discussion of women or female human nature.

I’m bit of a brain and I’m too smart for my own good.

Politically I’m a fascist and a white nationalist.

I also believe western civilization is on the brink of global economic collapse and world war III. For me that is a small comfort as I despise this entire world.

I work part time at a grocery store and attend college part time as well.

As long as you follow the rules

You are A ok


Women aren’t really gold-diggers when young, more likely they are looks diggers. JBF theory rules all, I’m sorry if you didn’t get in when you were young, as many here did not

Can I post vulgar images that aren’t pornography per say but contains artistic nudity concerning expression?

For instance I like to make images replacing a woman’s vagina with an ATM machine.

When women are younger they revolve around a social popularity market and then about from the age eighteen onwards in our completely monetary societies sexual interactions becomes a transactional arrangement via a hyper sexual market. Women are unable to love or interact with men beyond this monetary prostitution social exchange.

I’m a sexual market theorist where for me with women it is all about price or economic exchange.

The only difference between girlfriends, wives, and your average street hooker is merely the differentiating social transaction of price exchanges.

yes, if it is artwork or does not contain actual nudity it is fine

I do not doubt your superior intelligence. Such pessimism is an inevitability when forced to live on the same rock as normie filth.

Welcome my friend.

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Can I post an image in this thread illustrating some of my artistic works where you can tell me if it is appropriate or not?

Thank you friend.

If it’s a drawing it’s fine, and if you want to be super safe about it you can put it in [spoiler] tags

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Alright, let me try this out as an experiment as I’m not trying to get banned here.

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the general idea is that google punishes sites with tons of nudity, even drawings, so putting lewd content in spoiler tags can help

Give me a general idea of how to do that to be on the safe side.

[spoiler]drawing here[/spoiler

except with a closing bracket on that last one -> ]

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Seems simple enough, let me give this a try on my end.

the paperclip is the image upload button, images can also be hotlinked as well by pasting a URL

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your image is being blocked by imgur’s age sign-in, not something on the site’s end

it’s acceptable with spoiler tags
spoiler tags work better with direct uploads through the paperclip button and would upload as such


Alright, something to keep in mind then. Thanks.

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Examples of my art.

image (5)[spoiler]This text will be blurred


image (9)