That’s all I want man. Pure sex. Sorry to come out like this but it’s really hard to relax when I’m constantly horny, why is it so hard?

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Because you were born a heterosexual male in the late 20th or early 21st century. In this timeline, females prefer literally anything to that including bisexuals and transexuals due to how easily influenced they are by propaganda. Their sexuality is so fluid that it can quite literally be modified through ideologies alone. Right now, Western civilization has never been more unapologetically anti-male.

Just think about it for a moment. A transgender has more SMV than you do in 2020. Nobody gives a shit if you live out 6+ decades a touchless virgin because everybody is so preoccupied with insignificant shit like homosexuals having the right to engage in public displays of affection without a single person looking at them funny, even though Incels outnumber homosexuals and Incels suffer much worse from not being able to experience affection period. The following conclusions are that most people are fucking retarded (compared to me at least), you’re fucked, and honk honk from Clown World.


just get a prostitute

this ‘advice’ actually does work in this situation