is live, a lighthearted incel wiki

just finished it

It immediately started getting DDOSd which is why this site was down for almost an hour

Has the moderation extension now, gonna 1-2 more extensions, but it’s all good now

uses CC text and all legal

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Where’s the mylifeistrash article?! I release all my work into CC0 also.

BTW, you have a safe harbor under the DMCA where you’re allowed to post copyrighted content as long as you take it down when the owner demands you do so. If they never submit such a demand, then you’re all good. But even if they do, you get an opportunity to take it down before any consequences happen.

You don’t even have to admit you violated a copyright; you can just be like, “Well, I dispute the claim, but I’m taking it down anyway for my own reasons.”

ok I didn’t know that

i was going through each page individuall and just reverting down to authors who released

also its from like a 3 month old backup so it might not have been in there