was taken from me after adminning and writing the majority of it for 2 years

I mean I wrote the vast, vast, vast majority and they explicitly told me it was mine

So we are back as a forum. This can take up admin time.

ill purchase xenforo this montnh

for now we’re on, here

i don’t expect us to become huge or anything there but there will no longer be any forum downtime

the switch will be instantaneous when it goes to the xenforo domain


do you hate them tho

im not sure what im supposed to do or think

but on we go

Are we gonna fork the whole project? If you write the majority of it, that seems to be the best way to assure its future. By the way, Kings Wiki was a site that I created for Roosh and he shut it down after my identity came to light.

i might and you can write for it if you dont like break teh law

So what are you going to do? A mass export of articles?

would just delete bibipis writing

Are you gonna open up editing to the public and eliminate that tyrannical moderation extension?

regs would be public but we would like ban people a lot, but in the end that means more editors than cuz there were only like 4 editors there, 2 who were just banned

none of your contirubtions to thus far would have been censored on teh new wiki tho

including the ones that didnt made it through

there just wouldn’t be doxxing or other illegal stuff and image rights would not be granted to everyone, probably just like hotlinks or manual embeds

but it would be open reg unlike

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honesly though rn im more preoccupied with moving this to xenforo

Why’d they take it away, btw? What was the impetus?

probably because i was countersignaling the general attitude of a few editors for 2 years through edits

im not a tradcon, i didnt want it to be

i think monogamy is stupid to make a religion about

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they’ll still keep it as a nonviolent site etc and so will my new site

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They’re pro-suicide tradcons? That’s interesting.

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I wasn’t aware you knew how to code in Javascript and other stuff, btw. We should do a coding project together, something related to wikis

I wanna create a browser extension, for one thing. But I have a lot of other more ambitious ideas. We need an archival site for stuff that people shoah from the wikisphere.

you mean like deletionpedia but for all wikis?