and are dead


October 2020

so I’m back

Hello brocels

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The former couldn’t figure out what it wanted to be so it fell under the weight of it’s own ambiguity

The latter got reported to hell and back from inceltear and if it goes back online, same thing will happen probably


Ok well I don’t know why it happened but one day Vcelguy decided to ban the entire forum lol


like he must have banned 80% of his users

Lol I think he’s bi polar

doubt it tbh


Why anyone chooses to admin a blackpill board is beyond me.

It seems like too much work

Only if you censor like a feminist.

I don’t censor anything.

The first one banned me, fuck them. Just like .co this meme comes to mind:


Looks like those idiots banned me also, without even giving me a chance

fuck those morons

rejected amongst even rejects, the absolute state of clown world.

I know I always find it weird tbh

Looks like approved me :sunglasses:

EDIT: Or not, they said they approved me on forum but my account seems to be locked has returned and thriving currently, .net will never recover however

hey i just fixed your forum permissions

also OP the website is back, and stronger than ever