Incels are not men

Incels are not men. I like to call them “female brained male organisms” or fembroids for short.

the incel needs emotional validation like a female, constant attention, etc. The incel ruminates about emotional things like a female. The incel quickly find flaws in things. Real men tend to be cretins, focused on function and facts rather than forms. Real men tend to be brutish and territorial, incels tend to be gentle, amiable, and polite, who would kindly give up their seat to a stranger.

this does not mean we all have to obey the ways of adolf512’s vintilogi. Adolf wants incels to all get sex changes to improve the gene pool. But I say this. I say if you are an incel, and feel you are a good person, then you have a duty to society to put your dik in a vag. This I call the “call of duty” of society.

The problem with real men is they are too stoic. When incel male (fembroid) discusses their sexual problems, real men brush it off, either the real men says to respect wamens or to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. Boomers who are usually real men, usually just say to incel “back in my day picking up chicks was easy” meanwhile Incel just doesn’t naturally have that boomer ability like real men have.

There is a rational compromise. Not cut off balls like vintologi but simply embrace male lesbianism. If you were born with bad genes and are bad person then you should cut off nuts and or chemical castration. But if you were born a good person with decent genes, then you have a “call of duty” to society to put the dik in a vag. Rather than cut of balls, incels should just be male lesbian and impregnating righteous females. This will pave the way to a greater society.

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At this point we might as well call ourselves castrated eunuchs because basically that’s what it is and it sounds better than herbivores with much more implications or connotations.

Personally i am a herbivore but dont consider myself castrated. I believe that sex and intimacy is a human right and will always be a human right. Every sentient being deserves a life of happiness and pleasure and minimizing the suffering.

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Castrated in the mental and symbolic sense of the word.

I consider myself only caged and prevented from sexual release. but I have sexual drive still when I see a hot human being.

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Same thing as I said above, just worded differently.

Nope its different. A castrated person is like someone who believes sex, intimacy, pleasure etc. is not necessary for society, someone who feels that males dont deserve sexual pleasure with hot human beings. A caged person is someone who lusts for hot human beings but is just afraid of the consequences of the lust.

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Are you saying a castrated eunuch can’t feel lust? They can, they just can’t act upon it for more obvious reasons. What I’m talking about is symbolic castration which I’ll reiterate.

We male incels can perform, we just can’t find any willing women to perform with.

When most (not all) males start HRT (of the estrogen variety) they most of them start to lose energy and become cucks of feminism. This is equivalent to castration (chemical castration). There are of course exceptions here and there.

On the opposite, when most (not all) females start HRT (of the testosterone variety) suddenly they understand male sex-drive and start to sympathize with incels.

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It’s kinda hilarious while being very sad at the same time that women who transition to males thinking how glorious it is to be men end up male incels themselves, had to think about that for a moment clarifying the utter irony of it all.

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Incels are not castrated, only caged. The purpose of castration is so the eunuch slaves can focus more on their duties rather than flirt with the females. Eunuch slaves tend to have a more feminist attitude and look down on flirtatious males. Most (not all) eunuchs tend to be of the bluepill camp and of the believe that sex with females is not something needed for males.

That being said, looking at history there were many great eunuchs that were not slaves, eunuchs were often the best politicians and generals due to their sexual detachment. And even the average eunuch back then got laid (with both females and males) way more than most incels do nowadays.

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A symbolic cage or symbolic castration, still thinking it is the same thing over here. I know you disagree but that’s okay.

Was the exception not the general rule, most eunuchs were branded as either slaves, prisoners, or criminals of the state.

This is what women want, what incels will never be:

image image

Admire his handsome and manly features.

Just lol if you’re not castratomaxxing