Incelosphere ideology chart

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for a larger resolution image see here: Pill jargon - Incel Wiki

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Had a logical epiphany recently about incels.

The epiphany: As women become more promiscuous, promiscuousness actually decreases. Logically you would expect promiscuous women to be more likely to give sex to less attractive males, but actually, as women become more promiscuous, the odds of them giving sex to random males actually decreases. Instead, more sex is given to chads. This is the crux of incel frustration, that women being promiscuous actually decreases the chance of women giving sex to non chad males. Logically speaking, you’d expect a decrease in monogamy to result in women being more likely to give sex to less attractive males, because logically speaking monogamy would result in pickier women since they are have to choose only one male, in totally monogamous societies they would never have sex with other males and you’d think that would result in them being more picky.

In summary, you’d expect promiscous females to be more likely to give sex to less attractive males due to less commitment, but in reality that does not occur.

Needs to be updated to people who simultaneously believe “women are not currently promiscuous enough to help incels”, “Women are too promiscuous to help incels”, “Women currently prefer bad looking men”, and “Women currently prefer good looking men”.
Call it, taking all the pills at once and hope for no negative side effects (like schizophrenia).