When I first joined it was called incelistan I think. Why did the name change?

" yourenotalone used to be called incelistan. We changed the name for a number of reasons. One being that ‘yourenotalone’ also was the name of the last forum Alana’s group, the original incel group, before they folded. So, we stole that name to signal we were friendly to their original inclusive intentions. I always wanted to create a forum that I felt comfortable posting in and that would generate less misandry from liberals,"

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Eep! My article! XD

Yes, I interviewed your fearless leader. The book community really liked the interview :slight_smile:

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Because this site was supposed to be an extension of the ‘incelistan’ group I created in 2017, but it didn’t get those users, but instead entirely new users who found us on Google, so it made sense for it to be it’s own thing. Also people keep turning up the temp on the word incel, also the reasons porpoise gave.

This is the final name though

Feels like abandoning a post tbh.

When .co has a monopoly over the word incel, what is going to happen? The word incel has intrinsic meaning. Abandoning it and giving the other sites a monopoly over it might have consequences, consequences such as normies (ie. the majority) hating incels more. Some normies might be crazy enough to believe you when you tell them “I’m not incel, im virgin male” but a lot of standard normies are just gonna (rationally) assume non sex having males are the same as incels.

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I agree with you mostly. Don’t feel like they have a monopoly over the word though, but they do have a monopoly over the forum space, hence us moving. Don’t even want their refugees, almost all of whom have been banned. Taking down their monopoly would require either thousands of dollars which I’d rather spend to better my life. Or it would require mass reporting that forum, which I don’t really have much interest in doing as I don’t like to browse it nor would it do much good for my mental health in the long run to go to war with them.

when normies search online for “incel” they will just see .co. Then they will say to themselves “oh mainstream media is right after all”. Then hate and persecute any male who complains about not getting laid.

Taking .co down is not feasible but what I am asking is just not shy from the name incel. I know i said using the name incel for a political party was bad news, but that is a seperate situation.

they see whatever the media wants it to be. Which is even more extreme than

The word isn’t censored but was taken out of the URL because we’re not going to be a ‘sister site’ to

well there is also one hope, incelwiki, using SEO if we can make that normies first impression of incels that will be a very good thing.

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They have control over that too, despite me writing the vast majority of it

yeah but its a lot higher quality than the shitposting we see on .co.

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also, one annoying thing is that when you put the word ‘incel’ in a forum name, people expect you to get like 200 posts a day. Now the vast, vast, vast majority of forums are 100% ok with just a few posts a week or a few posts a month, like I am. And I’m not gonna try to compete with the incel forums to have a bunch of low quality posts on here. Im absolutely fine with a normal amount of postings, even if that means a few posts per month, because this site is a bulletin board, not a chat room. We get decent traffic, there’s no reason to sacrifice our values to have the nonstop postings the incel forums have

it is a Council and as such should be balanced. There should not be a daily spam of peasant posts but nor should it be a ghost town. People need their emotional crutches and dopamine fix, some sense of social purpose and any forums needs at least a steady influx of daily activities.

I don’t see why we should be ■■■■■■■ after Alana. Alana is a cunt, and not a real incel, being a female. She was just another attention seeker.

"She has also coined the term, “HEXASEXUAL” which she describes as as:

new sexes (their bodies, genitalia and reproduction), and the characters and styles of six new genders. This disruption to the male-female binary is expressed in hexagonal photography […] Since the Uterine Apocalypse, sex change surgical procedures have not yet been developed. For some trans-hexasexuals this is very frustrating, but others are satisfied with the gender fluidity accepted in hexasexual society."

Crazy bitch.

sounds like trolling, y r u mad at this.

I dont even know what hexagon photography is tbh

my final opinion is she is a cunt, for the following reason:

" In multiple interviews, Alana refers to one or two men who approached her about their virginity and dating difficulty while she was a blue beaner and that being an inspiration for the creation of her forum. She repeatedly now refers to this as, “harassing behavior”. To get around the mental roadblock of being against toxic masculinity… and at the same time viewing men talking openly about their deepest feelings as harassment, she now advocates for men to discuss their sexual problems, just not to anyone except a therapist (lol, so helpful /sarcasm)."

my final opinion is this. If the men were simply talking about being incel, but not begging to get laid, then its not harassment. If the men were begging then harassment.

my final opinion is this: Still cunt either way, because telling people they are only allowed to talk to therapist is inherently cunty no matter the situation.

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I’m mad because I keep hearing this bitch being brought up as if she were some “premiere incel” or some shit, especially by normies. It’s a fucking female, for fuck’s sake.

she was a lesbian that could not get laid for 2 years.

she created the incel movement and the word incel.

She may have coined the term incel, but this “incel movement” would have happened without her.

The cause of this “movement” in whatever form it takes is society itself. And it’s not an ideology, but a life circumstance.

She is constantly referred to by normies as being responsible for the movement, as if to lessen the perceived severity of MALE inceldom. “Well AHCTUALLY… a female coined the term, so femcels definitely matter!”