Incel, volcel, or something else

Something in me is changing as of late. When I meet a woman irl I don’t feel excited about it anymore. It is not something I enjoy anymore. In fact, I actually avoid interacting with women irl. It is stressful and upsets me. I avoid putting myself in situations where I would flirt with women.

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel sexually attracted to them and I will always do. (Sounds like a curse, to be honest)

Problem is, the only thing that still makes me consider dating women is my sexuality, or horniness. I have already forgotten how loving and being loved feels like. I used to know this feeling but it is now gone from my memory. It is like your old grandma who passed away when you were 8 y/o, you know you have met her but you cannot recall her face anymore, it is all blurred in your mind.

This is how loving and being loved is to me right now, a blurred memory from long ago, a memory that I cannot recognize anymore.

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I avoid talking to women other than my mother.
I don’t care too much about initiating conversations with anyone.
I’m quite numb as to whether or not I’m referred to as an incel or volcel.

Does this upset you? In other words, do you feel like you’re supposed to chase women?

Also… Is your profile pic a hex editor? :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t really upset me, since I never feel like any women would be welcoming to me. My mother once told me she was the one that started talking to my father, so I feel less compelled to care if I die alone.

It is indeed a hex editor; WinMerge.

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This is like late stage blackpill, early stage whitepill essentially. Greypill.

It’s a curse to be a heterosexual male, especially in 2020. The only group we’re attracted to is not attracted to us, and we are not attracted to the groups attracted to us.

Females can just make money on OnlyFans, and get free attention on dating apps, so they don’t need us for anything other than perhaps sperm for when they may want children. And for extra money I suppose. When you realize this is all ■■■■■ want from you, it all seems so pointless anyway. The only thing left to do is punish them by withholding what little you have left that they still want.


Sounds like anime like Canon where the MC has Amnesia and is Jaded about life and stuff but he has some forgone love interest Osananajimi.
On another note I consider myself volcel over incel. I did have crushes in highschool before I met my fictional wife. never did anything with women though but I am still a man with Sexual urges like anyone else.

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