Incel survey for a book/research project - anonymous

Survey on incels being made for a book/research-project

not my project

anonymous, doesn’t ask for identifying info


First: This is waaay too long.

Second: None of these apply to me

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I answered it. Not too bad of a survey, I guess.

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answered it too. was longer than I thought, but good.

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I filled it out for shits and giggles.

I chose middle of the road because some of my beliefs are very conservative and some are very liberal especially regarding economy.

Still, if I was to talk to a modern day neo-liberal I would undoubtedly be called a white neo nazi extremist.

I don’t like referring to myself as Alt-Right either, that label or title is cringy as fuck.

Not only that but most of the edgelords that subscribe to that title and label are either libertarian or crony capitalist of which I am neither. I don’t like being associated with that title because of such.

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I chose conservative, but that’s a thing of American politics that doesn’t translate well to my reality.

Conservatives in Brazil usually advocate for a new military government (Brazil had its own Pinochets), that’s why I don’t call myself conservative in Brazil.

Also, what we call liberals in Brazil are adepts of classical liberalsm (Austrian school of economic thought etc), which I am.

Socialists, commies and the like are pretty much the same thing everywhere.

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National socialist autocrat over here, I know that my version of government will never see the light of day in western nations presently, I’ll just settle for their internal existential collapse or demise instead.

I always joke around saying if you combined Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Otto Strasser, Augustus Caesar, Joseph Stalin, Oswald Mosley, Marcus Aurelius, Flavius Claudius Julianus, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Oswald Spengler you would basically get my ideal form of government for society.

My ideal philosopher king would have the genetic attributes of all those individuals combined into what I think would be the most perfect political leader or figure.