Incel pride festival and day?

So us incels need a festival and a day that celebrates us!

A day we expose toxic women!

A day we expose Chad culture!

A festival that is about how we suffer all year round like gays do! Yet get one day of the year we can be proud to be incels!

Who’s with me!?


Sure, I’ll celebrate incels. But what kind of festival are you suggesting?

It’s already here, may as well call it COVID-19 day or the day(s) the virus spread into North America/Europe. Incels all over the world are in a better mood than ever listening to normies cry about how they’re not able to live normally, not able to have casual sex, etc etc.

The day when normies began forcing themselves into isolation and being unable to enjoy the regularity and stability of their pathetic lives.

People are going on and on about how damaging social isolation is to mental health. For what, weeks? For us its years.


It’s fucking karma man, I fucking love it.

When I was out briefly today I waved at my old boss in the parking lot, it’s like he seen a fucking ghost. I asked him how the virus was treating him, I think he wanted to piss down his own leg.


It is bad for mental health. I’ve been trying to get incels out more often. Hard to actually do with distance.

Why are you out?!?!? Stay inside! It’s not safe I tell you! If I could fit under my bed I would hiding under my bed right now.

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It was for like forty five minutes only after being inside for seven days straight, I probably won’t go outside again other than my porch for at least another four weeks.

Got everything I need here, I just need my damn cigarettes and smokes in the mail. They better not shut down the mail!

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Like a carnival type like Gay pride

We get as much hate as the gays but nobody cares about us!

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I haven’t been out in a week. When this is over I’m booking an appointment to the spa and getting a massage and my nails done.

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More hate, my friend. Much more hate.

I haven’t left the house in over a week, though sad thing is that’s barely average whenever I have been off school.


I usually go out for work, grocery shopping, go for a hike/walk somewhere.

I’m kind of interested in testing out my new $600 bike to feel the contrast between that and the garbage on wheels I had been riding for a couple of years (believe it or not the bike I had before that one was even worse).

Weather is terrible right now though. This weekend/Monday should be the last of sub-zero highs.

Yesterday would have been good. Yesterday was 20! I didn’t go out though. I checked the weather late in the evening and was like damn it was a beautiful day and I missed it. Today looks so sunny but apparently it’s 1 degree.

Every day is incel day

If be for a special day

Every day is men’s day! Muh patriarchy, so let’s just cancel November 19, tee hee