Incel mascot

just a funny article from one of those parody news sites I thought was funny and felt like sharing.

mogs me

Shy Guy would be a really obvious one.

In Paper Mario this Jr. Troopa guy never left his shell (i.e. still child-like) but is yet more competent than “normie” Koopa Troopas. He works his ass off to build himself up but never wins even once against the “chad” Mario. He’s obsessive and always pissed.



imagine nintendo caring more about bad incel pr than their 1 star rating on bbb , e-shop functionality, and anti-consumerist policies.

Most of the males that played tons of Nintendo back in the 1990s are incels today. All big business has betrayed us.

well they have betrayed everyone not just incels, with their adoption of anti-consumerist policies.

That’s hilarious

You can’t replace pepe like that.

pepe can die a horrible natural death at this point and I would be very happy

:pepesad: Feels bad man.

maybe this would make me identify too much with being ‘shy’ even though I’m not shy though