Incel gender

Rebecca (full name disclosed for privacy’s sake), was a lesbocel admin of the IncelSupport forum and she had the idea that incels should be considered as their own gender. (

i have often theorized this but lets see for sure.

when my utopia happens and people are getting the dna upgrades, which dna upgrade would u pick? Keep in mind when my utopia happens certain conditions will be met:

  • No negative judgements
  • Noone is incel
  • Everyone is friendly

keeping that in mind, so like for instance you were treated bad by a moid or female. that doesnt matter for this decision, all that matters is what would make you happiest at the current moment not what moids or females did to you in the past. So for instance you should not base your decision on something someone did to you in the past, like a lot of incels will just choose moid irrationally because of something some female did to them that they didn’t like.

this survey is anonymous and will not be recorded, there is also only one choice.

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  • 2
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choice 1: to be ffoid. But somehow have moid testosterone and function as a moid that plays sports instead of ffoid that chases chads. U will have ffoid dna and have loving gf.

choice 2: to be ffoid. fully girlbrain chase chad. emotionally erratic emotional rollercoaster.

choice 3: to be mmoid. to be chad. In this utopia women act nice and you do not have to be confident as chad.

choice 4: to be mmoid. to be regular male with aesthetically displeasing incel looks. subpar looks but women act nice and u dont need to be confident.

choice 5: to be mmoid. to be femboy male but is not gay male, instead plays mlg. beautiful looks and can have sex with hot women.

choice 6: to be futa. best of both worlds, 20 inch dick, 10 feet tall and also female genitalia

choice 7: to be shemale. only some worlds, 10 inch dick, only 7 feet tall, no female genitalia

choice 8: to be nullo alien. no crotch. gets sexual pleasure somehow using alien technology. lives a life of aesthetism away from society. but occasionally orgasms using rectum or some kind of regeneration effect.

choice 9: 2 dicks. chad with 2 dicks.

choice 10: 2 dicks. futa with 2 dicks.

choice 11. 2 dicks. femboy with 2 dicks.

Why does the wiki say lesbocels do not (nor do gaycels) exist? There arre many examples of incels, who were gay and les, why deny it? They are just as much the victim of the 80-20 rule for example.

I mean, I myself identify as gay, but I also have a disablility and therefore I am unable to find a partner. Society always values looks over intellectual skills.

The other thing is that what do you think about the distinguishing of fags and gays? Fags are the flamboyant, superficial gays and gays are the people who behave in a normal way and not capitalise on the their indentity to gain social capital.

Dude what you said makes absolutely no sense. Why would the 80-20 rule apply to men attracting men or females attracting females? No, what you have there is the 50-50 rule and your standards are either too high or you’re in the very bottom % of that crowd. What’s next, that “straight” femcels exist too? Lmao.

What even is your “disability”? Just being vague about it. Having some vague mental disability does not impact gays like it does straight males.

The distinguishing between gays and fags is simple. Gays can be tolerated, in fact gays have always existed. But fags? They need to go into the fire.

woa woa woa hold up now, that is totally not acceptable.

I don’t know what your definition of fag is, but nobody deserves that.

I meant the first relation in the sense that there are still chad gay males and beta gay males… maybe the ratio isn’t 80-20, but still, chad males get the top males of the hierarchy, while on the bottom there will always be some left behind.

I wasn’t talking about a mental disability, it is strange you would immediately assume that… I have a physical disability (tetraparesis spastica to be precise) .

Thanks for you reply about gays and fags. I don’t agree that we should make this distinction, but that is my opinion. I do not agree with that, I have just seen it on many boards

Then literally read what he said.

Roasties deserve the same fate. That is, to roast1.

I think you’re wrong about that. Gays can always get their looksmatch, except possibly in the really ugly cases, the bottom 5% or so.

Straight males can try to aim for their looksmatch, or even a fair bit lower than that, and still get absolutely nothing.

Believe me, I understand the difference. I’ve made ads before seeking females and get no messages, but then have received occasional unwanted messages from gays.

A physical disability might make inceldom possible in your case, depends how severe it is. You must be in the bottom 5% to struggle that much.

I did not assume your definition was the same as his.

As for his definition I don’t see what is so bad with fags like Chris Crocker.

Society and normies hate James Charles and Jeffree Star but even they have more mercy than that.

Yeah… no, don’t misunderstand me, I mostly agree with the ffoid part, I just wanted to emphasize that it might apply to gays too to some degree…

Well, there’s probably a miniscule number of incels in every group that isn’t heterosexual males. But the number is quite negligible. It’s kind of like the percentage of teenagers or people in their 20s who get cancer. It’s there, but it’s not like we can reduce these things to absolutely zero (at least, it isn’t possible right now).

It’s just a huge misrepresentation of the problem by referring to the 80/20 rule. And really, our issue is more like the 95/5 rule at this point.

Hum I can’t decide between choices 3 and 8…